Free Space by Art Sundays

I've been to a number of art events and each one that I've been through made me feel so giddy and excited and super happy but apparently, Free Space by Art Sundays disappointed me quite a bit. I'm so sorry but I guess this is just me. Well, you see, I traveled quite far just to get to the venue and upon arriving, the event's vibe was somehow dead. It was very artsy --- yes, but it was just dead. I'm not sure if that changed upon twilight but I went home early na lang because I wasn't really feeling it.

"Free Space brings together several craft-centered groups and individuals in an effort to promote two things: Creativity and Freedom.

An open park gallery of contemporary and junk artists, of live art experience, of free flowing music and of grassroot brands to celebrate the eve of our Independence Day!"

I must say, the live art was also a big disappointment because, uhm, why chalk? Don't get me wrong on this but it would have been nicer if the artists were doing their thing on the wall (which is impossible because I know the buildings around the area belong to their rightful owners), or on a big plywood or something which will really set the vibe of the event. But then again, maybe the organizers conceptualized something which I had not grasped. Also, don't let me start talking about the "art tree".

I don't enjoy writing negative thoughts on certain events nor products but I guess I can't avoid that.

Apparently, I still want to share this event on my blog despite the disappointments because I enjoyed shopping there! I bought an owl dream catcher and succulents which made me sooooo happy! And I found out different amazing IG stores which I am  stalking  browsing currently. Unfortunately, because of the disappointment I felt on the event, I wasn't able to take as much photos as I could so I just grabbed a bunch from Oh, Happy Soul and from Dindi Caballero. Hopefully, the combined photos from 3 people would make the event appear fun. The only thing I enjoyed there aside from buying a dream catcher and succulents is the "hippie/boho" vibe because I am also boho & hippie at heart --- just maybe a little modernized. haha. But truth be told, I am not excited for the next Free Space by Art Sundays if ever there would be another one. Or I won't set my expectations too high.

++ All thoughts and opinions in this blog post are entirely mine. I don't intend to offend nor harm anybody with my words.
++ Most photos found here are from Oh, happy Soul and Dindi Caballero

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  1. Oh that's not good to hear. And I know what you mean about writing something negative, I struggle with this too but it's far better to be honest than blatantly obvious!


  2. Lovely post dear! Have a great week! xx

  3. I think it perfectly okay to write your honest feelings about a place or event... it is too bad it did not live up to your hopes, maybe more people will make it known and then they can change it up xox