KOHLER Bold. Art. Asia Opens in Manila

For over 40 years, KOHLER has invested in the growth of arts. In the US alone, more than 500 emerging and established artists finished their residency program in the KOHLER headquarters; and in recent years, the initiative has been brought to Asia.

Today, the brand's continued support for the industry and Asian artists continues with the opening of KOHLER Bold. Art. Exhibition.

With Kara Pangilinan of Details Ink

So happy that I got my Kohler Notebook Personalized at the event!

Last May 18, 2016, I went to the opening of  KOHLER and the Arts Exhibit. It was actually my first time attending an opening that is not school related and I must say, as an artist and a lover of the arts, I seriously love this! Everything was so beautiful and I'm so happy that I got to meet one of the artists!


The exhibition has travelled from Thailand, Indonesia, South Korea and Singapore and finally makes its way to the Philippines, opening at The Gallery in Greenbelt 5, showcasing a collection of 12 art pieces from artists that hail across Asia.

"The exhibit runs from May 18 to 24 and is part of KOHLER's vision to promote art and put the spotlight on local artists," begins Angel Yang, Vice President & General Manager - Kitchen & Bath Southeast Asia & Australasia.

Among the artists featured in KOHLER Bold. Art. are Ahadiat Joedwinata from Indonesia, James Seet from Malaysia, Thomas Cheong from Singapore, Sudsiri Pul-Ock from Thailand, Nguyan Ngoc Lam from Vietnam, and Hadrian Mendoza from the Philippines.

Their work explores the theme "Asian Contemporary Art: Rooted in the Past; Looking Into the Future" inspired by each artist's personal experience and drawn from the cultural point of view.

Hadrian Mendoza, Filipino Artist

Hadrian Mendoza shares, "Its truly an honor to be part of this and I'm even happier that the show is here in the Philippines. It's a great way for Asian artists to get exposure on an international scale. For this particular exhibit, the exposure is not even just for the artists but for our respective countries since each of us had to create pieces which were drawn from our personal experiences and cultures."

The toast.

"The theme looks into how each artist, with their diverse backgrounds and experiences view issues such as continuing urbanization, Asia's consistent rise to economic power, and the impact that innovation and technologies are making today's society," Yang adds.

As a brand known for its long-standing dedication and appreciation for the arts, it's an initiative that KOHLER hopes to promote further as they work to expand the project.

"Moving forward, we hope to partner with more artists, and collaborate with more organizations who share our vision of bringing the arts closer and more accessible to the public," ends Yang.

The Art Muses

The art muses performed and then led us in the unveiling of the masterpieces!


The unveiling of the masterpieces was truly magical. I felt like a kid opening my birthday presents! I was so excited.


Worldly Wisdom  by Sudsiri Pui-Ock | Thailand

World dweller  by Sudsiri Pui-Ock | Thailand

The Seeds by Nguyen Ngoc Lam | Vietnam

The Seeds by Nguyen Ngoc Lam | Vietnam

The Shower Experience by Thomas Cheong | Singapore

Time Artifacts by Thomas Cheong | Singapore

The Process 1 & The Process 2 by Dr. Ahadiat joedawinata

Janus Past/Present by James Seet | Malaysia

Janus Present/Future by James Seet | Malaysia

Manunggul by Hadrian Mendoza | Philippines

Time by Hadrian Mendoza | Philippines

Of all the 12 art pieces showcased in this exhibit, my personal favorites are the Janus Past/Present by James Seet (which I shared on instagram) and Time by Hadrian Mendoza.


The artist and his art.

And here I am with Hadrian Mendoza, a Filipino ceramic artist currently based in the USA.  His work combines cultural undertones with modern expressionism and abstract forms.  His new works are predominantly finished with ash and rutile glazes.

He "has hands that can command the shapes of functional and sculptural forms, and eyes that are forever hungry for colors and their stunning effects." - Filippina Lippi

With Bea Alonzo of Green Bulb Public Relations.

I dragged my friend, IDr. Hazelyn Tan, PIID, to come with me to the exhibit opening and it actually became our bonding and catching up moment because I think the last time we saw each other was last year. And a lot has happened already. But this was so fun because I came with her. Thank you so much Haze! :)

KOHLER Bold. Art.

KOHLER and the Arts Exhibiton runs from May 18-24, 2016 at the Gallery in Greenbelt 5. 
For more information on the exhibition, please visit

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