What's in my bag: Construction Site Bag

Hi dreamers! I've been wanting to do a "what's in my bag" post for the longest time but I never had the urge to do one but since I'm about to leave my first job in 2 days and site visits might be different in the future, I've decided to finally do a "what's in my bag" blog post to keep the memory :)

So this is the bag that I use almost every site visit for Stormer Kitchen. Usually, when interior designers do site visits, the site is either finished and is ready for renovation or is almost ready for the final "interior design". Apparently, for modular kitchens, that is not the case because job site meant construction site. Like, literally. So I'd like to use a backpack.

I found this "perfect" backpack at a fashion magazine editor's garage sale at Moonleaf in Maginhawa. And believe it or not, I bought it for only Php 50.00! Such a bargain, I know right?! And I love it so much that I use it quite often even if I'm not on site!

Anyway, let's creep in to my bag now...

Here's what's inside the front pocket of my bag. These stuff are kept in there for the reason that I will be able to easily access them without dirtying my whole bag...

++ Meter Tape or Metro - A definite must have when I'm doing site visits! I use it for measuring spaces and architectural posts and distances... obviously. But I always carry this actually even if I'm just going to chill at the mall or at a family dinner. Well, you'll never know when you're gonna need it. (Designer instincts!)

++ Fan Scale or "pocket" scale - For double-checking technical drawings or blue prints (but we seldom use blue prints for Stormer).

++ Wet Wipes - Because it's so dusty and hot and dusty and dirty and dusty at construction sites, I always carry this with me. And I often use 1/2 or 3/4 of the wipes in just one visit!

++ Alcohol - Again, because it's so dusty and hot and dusty and dirty and dusty at construction sites, I also always carry this with me.

++ Biscuit/ Snack -  For when my tummy is hungry, I must feed it.

Now let's go inside my bag... :)

++ Big Black fan - Ang init sa Pilipinas. It's so friggin' hot in the Philippines and it's even hotter in construction sites. I'm actually always sweaty so to prevent further sweatness, this is a basic need for me. :)

++ Water bottle / Bottled Water -to keep me hydrated because I sweat a lot and it's so hot in the Philippines!

++ Scratch Papers - I sometimes sit on it and I sometimes use it for my bag to "sit on" because again, it's super dusty and dirty at job sites.

++ Face Mask - So I won't inhale the dust on site. Apparently, this pink face mask that my mom gave me is too big for my face (small face problems) so I think I might go back to using the disposable face masks from Japan! (Yes, I like the masks from Japan because I am maarte and their disposable masks are always on fleek unlike what we have here in the Philippines).

++ Handkerchief - to wipe my sweat basically. haha.

++ Umbrella - to keep me protected from the sun's heat and from the rain...

++ Spoon and Fork - Sometimes I have baon for lunch when I am nagtitipid. Also, sometimes, when we eat at a carinderia, I don't like using their utensils. Actually, my mom, in general, doesn't like me using the utensils at carinderias so I carry my own spoon and fork.

++ Wallet & Coin Purse

++ Calling Cards

++ Kikay Kit

++ Vitress Hair Polish - I use this every single day, every morning because my hair would be ugly without it. But I have this in my bag for emergency hair situations.

++ Perfume - So I can still have a pleasant smell even if I will be super sweaty and amoy-araw after doing my job at the construction site.

++ My emergency kit - This is actually my "emergency" kit for ballet since it is complete with band-aids (though I only have 1 in there right now), bobby pins, safety pins, sanrio, and toe gels. But I also keep my earrings in there because every morning I'm always running late for work so I wear them at the office.

Now let's go through my kikay kit that's very dirty (eew. I better wash it very soon)...

++ Lipgloss - I'm not sure what the brands are of my lipgloss but both are from the States.

++ Lipsticks - I have 7 different shades of lipsticks that I carry with me every day because I really have no idea but I just love lipsticks so much! So I have 2 mac lipsticks, a Revlon coffee break shade number 133, a BYS lipstick in 'Everything's Peachy' shade, a pink lipstick from Japan (that gold one in the photo), an ever bilena purple liquid lipstick, and a herbench lipstick.

++ pressed powder - my pressed powder or face powder is Johnson's and I think I might switch to Ever Bilena? I'm not sure but I want to switch to the product that would compliment my bb cream.

++ loose powder - Johnson's baby powder, blossoms

++ mirror - mac

++ napkin and panty liner - for emergency purposes. I'm an irregular because I'm a ballerina and my body produces less estrogen hence, I have no idea when my visitor would come.

++ wet wipes and tissue

++ Extra shirt - When I am so mabaho already.. when I can no longer take my sweaty smell (hahaha) or when my top is so wet from sweat (gross. I know. I'm sorry), I'll change clothes.

My Arctic Monkey shirt is from Fudge Rock.

++ Cellphone

++ Earphones - music. music is a basic need in a designer's life. everyone's life actually.

++ Charger - One time, my battery was so dying that I charged in the construction site! There was an outlet / power that was working so I charged. I had to check on it from time to time though.

Hey, hey! So that's just about it. Do you also have this "what's in my bag" post? I'd love to see what's inside your bag so please let me know if you do! :)

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  1. I carry a great deal in my bag too... I need to downsize... you have a great deal but it looks very organized xox

    1. Actually, I only realized that I carry a lot by the time I was writing this post. haha. But I guess that's the reason why I don't like tiny bags.

  2. Really interesting post...thx for sharing! xx

  3. Hi beautiful Rae, this post is adorable.
    Very interesting and useful.
    Have an adorable day
    Maggie D.
    Fashion Blog Maggie Dallospedale fashion diary

  4. Love that you have 7 different lipsticks, that's terrific! A lipstic for whatever mood you're in! Xx


  5. Love your bag! It's so cute. Looks like you've got everything you need in there!


  6. I love your bag it's so cute! And so well organized lol mine is such a mess!


  7. the stuffs are so cute!! love it
    have a great weekend

  8. OMGGGG you are my newest obsession! I recently did one of these on my blog as well, I'm loving your photos so far.


  9. Wow, they do garage sale in Maginhawa? Must drop by!

    - Seyra x

    1. yes! meron minsan but minsan lang talaga. nagkataon lang na meron when we went there :)

  10. wet wipes are the must if you live in Asia! Lovely things


  11. I love these items. Such a steal. Must bring for travels. :)

  12. You have a lot of stuff in your bag! haha
    Nice post, dear!