FREEBIE: (Downloadable) Free 'Things to do' Printable

I love making lists because they boost me to do my best to get things done. In fact, I actually get irritated whenever an item is left uncrossed in my list which always urges me to do my best to accomplish more the following day. It also helps me remember stuff and well, I just love writing in general.

So I've decided to share these two designs of things to do printable (for free!) which I created 2 years ago. I originally planned to sell the pink to do list on my etsy shop but I don't know, I didn't and I felt like sharing it to those who are interested so enjoy my dears!

The "Things to do" printable list features my tiny cat illustration and you can download the pdf file here.

The "To do" list printable is very girly and pink which I love very much. It has a "very urgent" list for the things you must finish ASAP and a "later" list for the not so urgent ones. You can download the free printable here.

Please don't share the files on your own blog and other social media accounts nor sell them and claim them as your own. Please respect and give due credits or link it up here on my blog. Thank you and enjoy making your lists! :)

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  1. So adorable with the designs, great idea

  2. so cuteee <3
    Do you want follow each other in GFC and G+? please let me know in my blog! have a great day <3

  3. I like making lists too Rae.. it helps to keep me centered ... I need to more of them xox

  4. Great post :)

    Sonya Thaniya
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  5. cute printables!


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  7. This is so cute!


  8. This is so cute, thanks for sharing!


  9. Super cute printables! love the one with the kitty :) x

    - LS