Clamoring of strange emotions

If we turn back time, I am not so sure if I'll see my young self being fond of books. The memory and as well as the feeling I get are not so clear but I do remember having tons of books even back then. I also had favorite books and I was able to save them up even up to this day! By the time I was in 4th grade, I often find myself in the library everyday, maximizing the number of books I can borrow, befriending the working students at the library, waiting for new books to be released, and just enjoying the smell of books. I also started reading thick novels that time. I guess what I'm trying to say is, I developed a love affair with books as soon as I learned how to read. :)

I dragged my brothers with me to the Mockingjay screening last Nov. 22, 2015 and while waiting, we spent our time at Powerbooks. :) The thing about being a reader is that I always, always compare the movie with the book and most of the time, the movie end up as a disappointment. Apparently, I like the movie adaptation of Mockingjay though there are a bunch of scenes that I wanted to see and feel which was not achieved in the movie. Anyhow, I think my brothers were so pissed at me because I spoiled them. Sorry. I think I really have to watch movie adaptations with fellow readers. haha.

Anyway, this is what I wore (poor quality photos because I used my brother's iphone)...

WEARING: PUNK Military Army Knight Lace-up Short Boots c/o dresslink | Top & Skinny Jeans from a small unbranded shop | Cap from Divisoria | Black Handbag from Guess

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  1. I saw the movie last month, I've been a fan of the movies but my wife likes it even more.

  2. Rae, I was a very avid reader up until 10 years ago... I really didn't like seeing a movie about a book I read... now that I don't read them, the movies are pretty good... xox

  3. Looking cool.
    I miss this cinema. :)

    I'm excited when my favorite books hit the theaters, but dreading it at the same time. After HP series, I try not to keep my expectations high and just enjoy the movie version.

  4. looks cool ! nice post!

  5. Nice outfit, dear! You look chic! xoxo

  6. I will go to watch "Hunger games" tomorrow héhé I can't wait >w<
    I follow you via GFc and Instagram now I hope you will follow me back! :)

  7. I love books so much!everyday I spend my time with reading book especially fantasy ( because its my fav genre ) whenever I have a free hours. I like to go to library since I was in elementary. Definitely love your post <3
    and nice style :)


  8. your outfit is adorable...I really like that Minnie yourself, I love reading.

    For me often the movie version is a disappointment...but I know that is not easy to make a film that would do justice to the book.

  9. ako naman, I grew up not being a fan of different kinds of book. but when I get one, I surely read it as often as I can.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! :)