Tail end of a vanishing truth + My top 3 favorite accessories

Ever since I've been fangirling over 5 Seconds of Summer and ever since I dyed my hair blue (no longer blue), my outfit color palette is slowly going to the dark side. And I think I'm now more into the girly goth style than my usual girly girl style. The "more" used to be on the latter. 

Anyway, I wore this outfit to the office two weeks ago and I asked my office mate to take these photos (thanks, Angie! haha). We took them in one of our showrooms. :)

WEARING: Black Skirt & Gray Sweater from Guess | Red & Black striped socks from Y.R.Y.S | black socks is gifted | Shoes and red shirt are hand-me-downs

Truth be told, this outfit is just simple, but I think it has a little extra magic since I paired it up with accessories. The thing is, accessorizing does wonders. Like, when you wear a big statement necklace over your plain black dress, it makes the dress very elegant and classy. And then when you wear socks, sneakers, and cap over your plain black dress, it makes the dress casual, sporty, and maybe, punk rock. See what I mean? That's why I have so many accessories. I love buying all kinds of accessories from jewelry and socks, to caps and head pieces! And I buy my accessories wherever I see them. But you might want to check out ZALORA's accessory collection. The have all kinds of accessories from jewelry and hair accessories to scarves, sunglasses and more! And just to give you an idea of what dominates my closets other than my actual clothes, here are my top 3 favorite accessories:

1. Caps & Hats. These are my ultimate must-haves (my go-to accessory as well)! What I love the most about them is that even on my lazy days, a cap still makes me look as if I'm not a lazy dresser. Also, right now, my cap/ hat collection is slowly growing each day! :)

2.  Rings. I love wearing rings probably because I am into the boho style. Sometimes, I wear rings on each of my fingers!

3. Bracelets & Necklaces. I have a wide-range of selection on this category because I like pairing up my outfits with a matchy-matchy accessory.

How about you, what is your favorite accessory?

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  1. I agree accessories are great Rae, the really make an outfit and can change the look easily xox ♡

  2. such a nice look !


  3. such a nice looks !