I whirled around, spooked.

I guess if you're so exposed in the art world, you get bored with yourself more often than not that you start trying out other things which might break your usual style and habit. And I guess I am on that phase right now. No tattoos and additional piercings yet but who knows? If my dad allows me which I doubt would ever happen. Anyhow, I finally painted half of my closet last week which I've been attempting to do since before I even started working. It's still unfinished but it makes a really interesting backdrop for my blog photos! :) Also, I finally own a pair of combat boots which I'll talk about later on this post. :")

I'm starting to ditch earrings because I'm starting to develop this love affair with rings! <3
I still have my 100+ pair of earrings though but I no longer wear them as much as I used to. I only use 2 pairs of studded earrings everyday (I have 2 piercings on each ear). My ring collection is slowly growing and I like to wear at least 3 rings on one hand.

This outfit is now one of my ultimate favorite ensembles alongside my girly girl outfit favorites.

But I am so liking the fringes on this dress top! 
Being nostalgic, I used to cut a lot of fringes on the tops I revamp like on this outfit

Take a look at my beloved pair of PUNK Military Army Knight Lace-up Short Boots from dresslink which is my first ever pair of combat boots by the way.  I've worn this a lot already from trolling at the mall to working in the office and I love it a lot because even though it's not expensive, it's super comfy!

Dresslink's sizes is smaller than usual i guess because I ordered a size 41 instead of my usual 39 or 40 and I was a bit scared that it might not be a perfect fit. But when I was ordering online, there was no size 40 available for this particular boots and I don't want to order a size 39 because I'm positive that it would be too small like what happened on this shoes. So I read the reviews of the customers to have an idea and a lot expressed that their size is small so I became confident that 41 would fit me. And I was right. So if you're going to order at dresslink, make sure to check their measurements and read the customer review to avoid wrong sizes. :)

Also, this boots is from my 2nd parcel from them. The first items they sent me were 'returned to sender' and they were kind enough to send me another items. You can trust them, I swear. :))

WEARING: Combat Boots c/o dresslink | Thrifted Fringed Dress | Brown Shorts | Mercy and Compassion Crucifix Necklace | Pendant Necklace c/o Born Pretty | Cap from a small unbranded shop | Rings from a garage sale and small unbranded shop, and Boho Ring c/o Born Pretty

So that's just about it. I'm currently liking the girly goth fashion style and everyday I switch from my usual boho pastel style to a very dark girly goth style. :")

Have a wonderful week dreamers! :">

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  1. looks nice!


  2. Rae, I love how creative you are... the painting is great... I should let Valentina do something like that in her room... she is creative that way too... xox

    1. Thank you so much Launna! :) yes, you should let her paint something like that too. it would let her creative juices flowing. hehe :))

  3. Loving your look! so edgy. And your wall art is so pretty!

  4. I should let Valentina do something like that in her room.

  5. Your painting looks great!

  6. You look cute ♥


  7. cool look and the closer looks awesome!

    danielle | avec danielle

  8. This is pretty cool
    Like the fringe details

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  9. Great outfit!
    Would you like to follow each other to stay in touch! Just let me know!

  10. Great post!
    If you want follow for follow to become #bloggerfriends please let me know in the comments of my newest post! xx


  11. I love your combat boots. I checked them out on dresslink and I'm tempted to order them myself.

    Your outfit is phenomenal...I love the fringes....and the way you painted your closet is so original.


    1. hi ivana! thank you so much! :)
      omg, yes, i think you should order too because the boots are cheap yet really awesome! :")

  12. You are an amazing artist. Gorgeous work on the cabinet. So beautiful. Loved your boots too. Have a lovely day. xoxo Cris