Build A Better Bathroom In One Month Flat

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the entire home. Every member of the household uses it on a daily basis for multiple functions. For many, though, it’s also the smallest area of the property. Therefore, turning it into a haven can feel very challenging.

On a brighter note, it doesn’t take much effort to redevelop the bathroom. In fact, you could make those changes in under a month without ever rendering the space off limits. Follow these tips below, and you’ll be amazed at the drastic changes.

Change Aesthetic

Our eyes play a fundamental role in the way we interact with a room. Therefore, giving them something to marvel at is a must.

This is especially true when dealing with a place where you should be able to relax with a nice hot bath. The best way to achieve this is by changing the walls. In truth, if you request a quote for cement tiles first, you can get a good idea of your budget, and how much you can spend on the rest of the changes.

If the walls create a spectacle, it sets the perfect vibe throughout the bathroom area. Enhance those vibes with new towels and you’ll be onto a winner.

Be Organised

Good organisation is something that should take place in all rooms of the family home. Having said that, the bathroom is certainly one of the most important.

This is especially true when dealing with limited space. Even if the room is on the larger scale, good organisation is vital. Otherwise, you'll be left with outdated products and a room that encourages negative vibes.

Besides, there’s nothing worse than rushing around before work due to a misplaced toothbrush. Considering it only takes a couple of hours to reorganise the area from top to bottom, there’s no excuse.

Increase Water Pressure

Sometimes, there’s nothing better than taking a hot shower. It’s one of the little luxuries in life that can wash away our bad feelings. However, a weak shower does very little to inspire positive vibes.

Increasing the home’s water pressure can make a vast impact to your daily life. Furthermore, it’s a relatively simple task to complete that won’t blow your bank balance away either. Quite frankly, it’s surprising that more people don’t make the upgrade.

If you are looking to redesign the room anytime soon, this has to feature on the ‘do-do’ list. As a small change that can bring great results, you’d be hard pushed to find any better throughout the entire priority.

Change Toilet System

Most bathroom upgrades will require a small level of investment. But how does making an improvement that can actively save you money sound?

That’s easily possible with the addition of an energy efficient toilet unit. Old style basins can use upwards of seven gallons of water per flush. A greener solution may use just 1.25. That’s an incredible saving that will result in great impact on the environment. And even better results for your wallet.

If that doesn’t encourage you to make the change, we don’t know will.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post, not all thoughts and opinions expressed on this post are mine.

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