Angel Spirits Thrift House

I have always been smitten with all things old so just imagine what I felt upon entering this thrift house at Cubao-Expo.

Ever since I was little, I've always wanted to shop at thrift stores hence my fondness with ukay-ukays (thrift shop for clothes) and with booksale. The thing is,  I just can't resist the fact that there is a certain history with the new old stuff I am about to acquire. The aforementioned two types of thrift shop can easily be found here in the Philippines. Unfortunately though, the kind of thrift shop I wanted to shop in are very rare. Back in 2012, I've read an article in Real Living Magazine which tackles about thrift shops in the Philippines. And in that article, I've found out that there were a number of thrift shops located in Cubao-X. I have already visited Cubao-X during Bloom Arts Festival but my mom and I weren't able to enter a thrift shop except an ukay-ukay one.

But 3 days ago, we dropped by Cubao-Expo and we discovered Angel Spirits Thrift House! yay! :) The guy there was very nice too so all is well. Haha. I loved everything! Even though their space is just small, we spent a lot of time in there because I felt like there was so much to explore and discover. It's just so interesting (and cheap)! I wanted to buy a lot of stuff, you know, being the hoarder that I am. I actually wanted to buy all their film cameras (photo above)! But I didn't. I ended up buying a vinyl record from the soundtrack of one of my favorite movies, "The Breakfast Club" for only Php 100.00! :")

Angel Spirits Thrift House
Gen.Romulo st. cubao Quezon city
Manila, Philippines

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