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Bohemian style has been with us for more than 200 years, and it seems it has been here since forever and that it will stay just as long. Generally, it is associated with intellectuals, artists, writers, and people who do not want to accept fashion trends as they are, but seek some exotic alternative. Some of the general characteristics of boho chic are loose clothes, abundance of jewelry, oriental and medieval style, flowing and rich hair, etc. As many other fashion styles, boho has had its changes throughout history. Today, it is a widely accepted style linked with freedom, comfort and romantic. Now let us see, where the place for boho is in our time, and how can we love it, live it and breathe it today.

Boho Fashion Icons – Then and Now

The laissez-faire approach of the ladies who rocked boho in the 70s (Jane Birkin, Goldie Hawn, Stevie Nicks, Ali McGraw, Anita Pallenberg, Janis Joplin) surely made this style recognizable and popular. Still, we have to do justice to the boho icons of today, such as the gorgeous Sienna Miller, the boho-glam girl, Rachel Zoe, the free-spirited fashion icon, Kate Moss and ultimate celebrity flower child, Kate Hudson. These ladies brought bohemian back into play, with both their off-duty outfits and red carpet stunners (just remember the amazing floor-length dress Kate Hudson wore at the Golden Globe awards in 2003).

70s are back with an Elegant Twist

The bohemian fashion from the 70s has yet again found its way to the runways. This time it came back with an elegant, romantic and feminine touch. Long, flowy, lightweight dresses are the pieces to have. Comfortable, yet flattering clothes that add glamour to the traditional boho wear are signature of the new boho. Compromises are made regarding the carefree and the devil-may-care attitude, and now we have a more streamlined and sleek style with much more interesting shapes, silhouettes and fabrics. Though the very essence of bohemian is in freedom, there are some must haves.

Bold Prints for Bold Girls

Boho has always been linked with ethnic prints and brave patterns. Today, it is no different. A lot of Aztec inspired prints have been added to the mixture and now we can find everything with ethnic bohemian appeal, from beachwear to autumn capes. Because we know that this trend will never get old, now is the perfect time to take advantage of boho swimwear sale and prepare for the summer to come. Burnt oranges, embroidery and scarf prints are great for autumn wear.

Fringes and Suede

Where do we start? Fringes are boho’s favorite ornament. This year, you will find them on practically everything, from shoes and bags to tops, jackets and skirts. They are rather easy to incorporate into your style, and if you do not want it to go too far, you can always wear them on accessories. The flawless combo of the season is fringes-suede mix. A flattering suede dress with fringes? Oh, my!

Floor-Gazing, Boho-Lovin’ Dress

The 2015’s take on the 70s boho is reflected in romantic vivid colored or crochet and lace maxi dresses. Some of the styles that we have seen on the runways include ruffles, bell & bishop sleeves and asymmetrical hems. Those variations are adding width and volume to the outfits, and they are perfect if you are aiming for the flowing and romantic effect, but not if you want a slimming effect. The best thing about the new boho dress is that it is trans-seasonal. It can be worn during the summer or layered with cropped leather jacket or the ultimate boho cover-up – a cape.

What has remained the same, regardless of the passing of the years, is the minimalistic makeup that goes with this trend. Try this style and trust us, if you once find your je-ne-sais-qui in the freedom-loving bohemian style, you will stay forever captured in its laissez-faire approach.  

*Article written by Peter Minkoff, a fashion stylist and writer from Brisbane, Australia.

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