Ten Useful Tips from Experts in Backdrop

Whether you are a professional photographer with a large studio, or a small boutique photographer offering maternity, newborn and toddler sessions, you’ll find that the addition of backdrops can make a world of difference for both you and your clients.
Before you head on out and pick up a few backdrops to add to your studio, it can be helpful to get some expert advice so that you are making the best decision for your business, and of course for your clients.

Tip 1 – Size Selection

Selecting the right sizes for your studio is an important consideration. Too small and you run the risk of not being able to accommodate the needs of your clients. Too big and you may not have sufficient room for your larger backdrops.
To make sure you are selecting the right sizes, give some thought to your business needs and your clientele.

Tip 2 – Materials Selection

Backdrops are found offered in a range of different materials. While cost might be a consideration when it comes to some material types, you are likely to find that even the top quality products are reasonably priced for every budget. When you select yours, you should be certain you are getting materials that will not cause glare or other concerns when you are working with a client.

Tip 3 – Custom designs

Do you have a favorite photo that would make a stunning backdrop? Perhaps you have a creative talent that you can put to good use creating a design all of your own? With the right backdrop manufacturer by your side, you can readily create some great designs that will help you to stand out from your competitors.

Tip 4 – Selection of a vendor

It’s important to buy your backdrops from a reputable vendor. Not all vendors are created equally, and not all backdrops are going to be the superior quality that you are looking for. Invest in backdrops from companies that exclusively deal with the creation of backdrops so that you are assured of working with experts in this field.

Tip 5 – Perfecting your lighting

You may need to adjust your lighting with the addition of each new backdrop. Be sure to do several test shots when you get in a new backdrop, prior to working with a client in the studio. This will ensure you are working fast and professionally when your clients are in place.

Tip 6 – Simple DIY backdrops

While investing in quality backdrops is a great idea, you may often be asked for something a little simpler. Consider using monogrammed baby blankets as the backdrop. Sheets of pretty fabric, or even wrapping paper are also a great option. Balloons and streams can help set a celebratory tone.

Tip 7 – Avoiding damage

Your backdrops are an investment in your business and in the growth of your business. Keep them well-protected when they are not in use. Store them in a cool and dark closet, away from sources of moisture. Dust, direct sunlight, and mold can all badly damage your backdrops.

Tip 8 – How many backdrops do you need?

This is a question that only you, with the needs of your business in mind, can truly answer. However it’s important to note that the more variety you offer your clients, the more repeat business you are going to get. Offer a solid selection with some basic scenes, and some that are a bit more creative, and then definitely build up your inventory as your business expands. 

Tip 9 – Backdrops for businesses and marketing

Remember that custom backdrops are also a great addition to your business marketing plans. Use them to take to trade shows and snap quick shots for folks walking past your booth. Or create one with your business logo and contact details so that they are highly visible to those who walk past. Backdrops are not just for the photography studio. They can also be used in the office, at trade shows, and even in schools.

Tip 10 – Protecting your investments

Beyond storing your backdrops away from direct sunlight and sources of water, you could also consider investing in clear plastic sheeting to cover them when they are not in use. Be sure that you avoid stepping on them, and avoid allowing clients to step on them. Shoes with pointed heels can cause a significant amount of damage that you will want to avoid.

Spot clean your backdrops, and use steam on stains that are harder to get out. Consider professional cleaning if there is a significant amount of dirt and grime on your backdrops.

Whether you have one or ten backdrops, you’ll appreciate just what a difference they can make for you in the studio.

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Disclosure: This is a collaborative post, not all thoughts and opinions expressed on this post are mine. However, this article is intended to be a general resource idea for tips with regards to photography, specifically in backdrop.

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