Philippine based designer Janina Zerrudo is taking spider webs to the next level!

"I think of classic elegance, simplicity, timelessness, while still also being casual. I want something unique and something that will never be out of style," - Janina Zerrudo

Growing up, I never really liked spiders especially those huge species in the family. I liked drawing them when I was a kid but interacting with them was different. However, I never thought that I would appreciate them so much for their beautiful skills in creating spider webs and truth be told, I'm glad they exist for if not, this beautiful graduation collection of Janina Zerrudo would not exist!

Prepare your eyes because you might not be able to take the beauty of this collection --- words are not enough for explanation.

MODELSChienna Filomeno (Pink photo set), and Jasmine Meierhofer (White photo set)

I want to acquire every single piece in her graduation collection! I fell in love with the style from the very first moment I saw them at Style and Design Academy Manila's Graduation Fashion Show and here's a statement from Janina Zerrudo about the collection,

"With regards to my design, the theme I chose is a spider web. To start with, I remembered what we learned from our school, the Style and Design Academy Manila, through our Research and Design subject, how to be inspired by a mood board and how to mix and match colors. In fact, the original color as decided by our school for our collections was really white. I was certain not to change the color, so I stuck with the color white. After searching and scrolling through images, I decided on the spider web theme. I liked the lines and structure connected to the web. After thorough brainstorming for ideas on a cloth that is suitable for my spider web theme, I chose leather, and for the lines I chose suede strips. When I decide on something to wear, I think of classic elegance, simplicity, timelessness, while still also being casual. I want something unique and something that will never be out of style, and this is how I came up with my graduation collection."

I love how you can mix and match the pieces from the collection and be able to create another ensemble which pretty much looks as if it's part of the collection. Like even if with white pants you bought in a department store, it would still look very chic, classic, and timeless when paired with a Janina Zerrudo blazer. I believe that designers like her are important in the design world, creating designs that would not only beautify our world but also, would leave inspiring marks to people. She's maybe new to the fashion design scene, but I'm pretty sure she has a bright future ahead of her. And that's clearly visible in her graduation collection!

What do you think about the designs inspired by spiderwebs? Which is your favorite piece from the collection? I'd love to know your thoughts! :)

If you're interested in Janina Zerrudo's designs, you can reach her via email,

Disclaimer: All photos aside from the cover photo of this post are all provided by the fashion designer being featured. They are not mine. If you wish to use any of the photos, please mention Janina Zerrudo, the fasion designer, when you give due credit.

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  1. What a great collection of pictures!

  2. These designs are amazing! There's a lot of talent in the Filipino fashion scene.

  3. Nice designer :) Kiss kiss from France, *-* Sand. *-*

  4. Such a talented designer, I love the creations! Already googled him.
    xx, Flora

  5. Marvelous photos ! These creations are fabulous :)