Out of my limit: 5 Seconds of Summer (5sos) Ultimate Fangirl Outfit

I think I finally found my concert outfit for 5 Seconds of Summer's Philippine concert! Woooh! yes, I am that advanced. A fangirl's gotta do what a fangirl's gotta do. And we fangirls always, always plan ahead. I've already learned what to do and what not to do through the years of fangirling over David Archuleta. I'm already saving up and I will work my butt off so I can have the perks of going to 5sos' concert with a VIP Ticket, Soundcheck Ticket, anddddd also, so I can check in at their hotel! ahehehe :">

And now let's go back to my outfit. I seriously love everything about it! It's a 5 Seconds of Summer (5sos) Ultimate Fangirl Outfit!... but a lot classier and sophisticated. :)

WEARING: 5sos shirt from Fudge Rock | Fedora Hat c/o choies  | Teal undecided side draped skirt and iridescent heart of the ocean ring c/o 10 dollar mall | cross connector ring c/o Rings and Tings | Dream catcher bracelet from Greenhills Shopping Center | Creepers c/o Sammy Dress

While my Japanese cousin and I were strolling around Alabang Town Center last month, we passed by Fudge Rock, a little store selling band-related and hipster-kind of clothes, bags, shoes and accessories. They have everything I want including holographic fashion pieces. I'm so glad we discovered that store because we fell in love with it and we ended up buying shirts and pins! <3 We then used our band shirts a day after that day while shopping at Greenhills! It was our shopping uniform! haha.

So that's the story behind my beautiful band shirt. Actually I wanted to get a white one since Manila weather is comparable to a microwave but white was out of stock and I had no choice but get this black one. I might buy this same shirt in white online really soon. Anyway, it's a great way to express my obsession over 5 Seconds of Summer in a very stylish and fabulous way. haha. Ultimate fangirl on.

Hello there Mr. Ashton Irwin! :)

And hello, hello Calum Hood cutie patootie! <3

Check-out my iridescent heart of the ocean ring sent by 10 dollar mall. It's so majestic, i love it! The ring is adjustable as it is stretchable. The only problem on my part is that the base ring is big. So technically, the ring is big because my fingers are thin. Anyhow, the ring is really wonderful! I've always wanted to own a ring like this and I'm so happy to finally get a hold of it.

Can you tell how obsessed I am with my 5sos shirt? love it! <3

Never belittle tiny accessories. They give great impact. 

The 5sos pinback button was also acquired from fudgerock and although it wasn't really part of this ensemble, I thought I should still show it to you as it makes a great mix in the whole outfit.

The cross connector ring from Rings and Tings add an extra oomph to the outfit. It's starting to decolorize but that's okay as I had this for years now.

Perhaps you're intrigued with my teal undecided side draped skirt. That's good because I am too that's why I chose it from 10 dollar mall. Sometimes you can't decide if you want a long or short skirt but with this flirty draped skirt you won't have to! It's a draped skirt with dramatic asymmetry, raw hem, covered elastic waist, and double layered. 

And of course I had to pose beside my super huge 5sos poster from their official book! <3

P.S. My work starts tomorrow! yay! I'm officially a {fabulous} working girl tomorrow! I'm so excited and also nervous because my Interior Designer dream is slowly happening! :">

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  1. Hello Rae, Yeah, we haven't been seeing each other around recently. Hope we could do so more often and I've accepted your friend request. Great to be connected on more platforms!I love the draped skirt so much! My favourite kinda drape and length.

    Jo's Jumbled Jardinière

    1. Hi Jo, I guess we are just very busy living our lives. haha. anyway, thanks! we'll be able to keep in touch there. :) my skirt is from 10 dollar mall. it's cheap yet very elegant and classy! :"")

  2. Ooo...That pair of creepers are totally awesome! =D

  3. Oh very cute outfit
    Beautiful shoes


  4. This outfit is fantastic, you look so stunning! <3

  5. Great style ! Kisses beauty :)