close to nature, closer to God

"Caleruega celebrates the priceless gift of life and its Giver. Here, the lost soul finds direction; the weary traveller is shown the Way. Every tree, flower, and brick is a testament to God's splendor and power.

Caleruega speaks through signs and symbols. It is a haven, a home, a sanctuary amidst the beauty of nature where pilgrims are open to prayer, to creative transformation, and to Gospel values."

I've been to Caleruega 4 times now; twice for our school retreat (3rd year and 4th year college), then during our Tagaytay overnight road trip, and just recently during our Tagaytay road trip last June.  

The Veritas Hall

During our Juniors' Retreat, our sessions were held at the Veritas Hall. But during our Seniors' Retreat, our sessions were held at the Gazekubo because another school was having their sessions at the Veritas Hall. But both halls were beautiful and functional.

If you've been reading my blog for some time now, you'll know how much I love being one with nature. And maybe that's the reason why I enjoy exploring Caleruega. I get to hear the whispers of the trees and plants, and I get to breathe in the fresh air, and I get to find my inner peace and strength, and be away from the bustling city wherein technologies constantly eat up my time. In fact, at Caleruega (especially during my retreats), time was slowed down and I get to really feel the beauty of life.

Caleruega at night.

Caleruega is open to retreats and recollections, leadership and team building camps, prayer and renewal workshops, marriage and family encounters, weddings and receptions, and art, music, liturgy and care for creation workshops. 

Actually, on the course of visiting Caleruega 4 times, I witness either a wedding or a pre-nuptial photoshoot. And I think that's beautiful! Caleruega is a popular location for photo shoots and as well as weddings.

"Caleruega was named after the birthplace of St. Dominic de Guzman, father of the Order of the Preachers. Wishing to honor and remember the legacy of the founder, the Filipino Dominicans established Caleruega with the hopes that it will, like the town of Caelruega in Spain, be a birthplace --- a genesis for people speaking to and for the Divine Creator.

Silence, solitude, harmony, the majesty of creation, the freedom of Light, and the passion to share God's Word --- this is Caleruega: the seedbed of preachers, the cornerstone of spiritual inspiration."

If you're exploring Tagaytay, do consider dropping by at Caleruega and make the most of your time there. It is a wonderful feeling to unwind and relax even for just a few minutes.

Address: House of St. Mary Magdalene Batulao, Nasugbu, Batangas
Email Address:

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  1. Beautiful pictures, great location!

  2. Rae this sounds like a lovely and peaceful place... my Faith has temples where we can go that is serene and shuts out the real world. It's a wonderful place to relax and think ♡

  3. Great pictures! :)

  4. Great post and amazing pictures :)...thx for sharing!

  5. Great post! I have too much love for Caleruega as well. The hanging bridge, the church above the (not so high) mountains, the peacefulness, everything! I miss the cold breeze as well. :(

  6. what a beautiful place it is

  7. hey,

    just dropping by. This is a really impressive blog - im not a ballet dancer as I have dinosaur feet heh. I have a few friends from the Philippines and it's always neat to see pictures of the place. but not from manila.. a university city. Caleruega's looking great =D

    are most people catholic over there? Like many koreans are christian. that's interesting. anyway don't want to sound too creepy or anything just blog hopping and thought I'd stop by to say hi. Take care now.