Twenty Two

"I don't know about you. But I'm feeling 22"

I waited 2 years to finally say/sing that line. haha. But hey, hey, it's my birthday todaaaayyyy! :")
And I'm beyond grateful to reach this far.

At 22, I strongly feel that I am now a work in progress. I am currently working towards reaching my ultimate life goals and dreams and I think this year is going to be great! I am excited to start molding myself in order to start making my dreams and daydreams into reality, little by little. I'm not so sure what my 22nd year would throw at me but one thing is for sure, this year is going to be tough yet really fun, enjoyable, and happy! I am positive that I would cross-out a bunch of items off of my life bucket list!

Age is just a number... yep, that's quite true for me. I mean, I'm 22 but I feel like I'm still a teenager. Honestly, by the time I turned 18, i stopped counting my age because I have so many dreams to fulfill, and I have so many things to try out that I wanted to slow down time. But it feels a bit weird to feel mature all of a sudden, especially now that I have graduated from college.

(As I'm writing this, Taylor Swift's 22 is playing. Really feeling it now, Taylor. Thanks. haha)

The past years have definitely been a series of ups and downs, trials and errors, happiness and sadness... lost. But I believe God has made me strong and He has molded me differently from all others. And I'm beyond thankful for that.

I am very mature for my age especially when it comes to living my life: dealing with struggles, problems, and challenges, handling things maturely, serving and loving people. Yet most of the time I cry easily over the littlest of things, roll my eyes if I'm asked to do chores, and squeal and jump up and down in public when I see the things I love such as fluffy stuffed animals, David Archuleta, big teddy bear, 5 Seconds of Summer, cute toys, ballet, and whatever that tickles my fancy. In fact, I cry easily and I laugh easily. I am mature yet immature. I still have to deal with my attitude and insecurities but along the way, I am learning. And I love my life.

Twenty two years is wow... just wow. A year after writing My Biggest Achievements in my 20 Years of Existence and I have already added a lot on my list! Definitely beyond grateful to what has happened to me in my 21st year. Never have I imagined that I am so close in reaching my dreams. And never have I imagined to say this but sacrificing ballet for 5 years has done quite good for me. A lot has happened. Although I still constantly imagine up to this day that what if I never stopped? I could have been a professional ballerina by now, dancing in different theaters and belonging in a dance company. I might have been one of the greatest ballerinas right now, at 22. That would have been good.

But because I sacrificed ballet, at 22, I am a BS Interior Design graduate who's on a journey to become a licensed interior designer, a watercolor artist who discovered her talent in painting within that 5 years, a lifestyle blogger who already inspired people and who keeps on inspiring the world, an award-winning ballroom dancer,  a ballerina who danced for David Archuleta, and Michael Christian Martinez, a ballerina who opened for the Trishie Couture Fashion Show Launch, a princess of God whom He called to serve and give love in her last year in College, and just a girl knowing what she wants and doing everything to get what she wants --- all while sharing God's love to the world. I realized that there's more to life than ballet (boy, I can't believe I'm saying that) but I'll definitely do everything to go back to ballet. Hopefully, this year, I'll be able to dance and formally be trained again while pursuing my Interior Design career.

My life is so interesting I'm so thankful for it. It's not perfect but it's perfectly imperfect. And as I turn twenty two, I could only hope for the best --- for things that would lead me to be where I’m meant to be and help me be the person I’ve always wanted to become.

And to all the people who have hurt me, encrypted pains and heartaches, and to those who hated me for being who I am, thank you. You helped me be strong and helped me love myself more. To all the people who supported me, believed in me, and loved me for who I am, I am extremely grateful. And I can't thank you enough.

*plays Taylor Swift's song 22

P.S. Happy birthday to my youngest brother as well! :D

And to all those who have greeted me, messaged me, and even bothered to call me (sorry I wasn't able to answer your calls. I was out on the road today), thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. You guys are the best! You made me feel loved. Thank you! :">

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  1. Aww Happy Birthday honey! The best is yet to come!


  2. Happy Birthday Rae... ♡ You are an amazing young woman xox

    1. Thank you Launna! You're always very sweet :)

  3. Happy birthday Rae! You sound like you're on such a great path right now. I hope you have an awesome year!

  4. Happy Birthday sweet lady! Have a wonderful year. :)

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    I wish you an happy day

  6. Happy birthday girl!!
    Kisses from Portugal

  7. I hope all your birthday dreams and wishes come true.
    Happy birthday!

  8. Happy Birthday!

  9. Happy birthday to you and your brother.
    Enjoy while you're still young. :)

  10. happy birthday to you! i have the song stuck in my head now haha. i hope you find happiness in everything you'll do. c: