Owl City Philippine Concert

May 8, 2015 | Bonifacio High Street Central Plaza
7pm - 10pm

I had so much fun last May 8, 2015 at Owl City's free Manila concert! I can't believe how nice Adam Young is to hold a free concert! Awwww. :) Even though I'm not as big as a fan as I am to Owl City as I am with David Archuleta and 5 Seconds of summer, still, I went to the concert with my friend Jen. Well, who could resist a concert that's free?! Anyway, all I can say is after a night filled with Owl City's incredible music (Adam Young, oh, how come I never fangirl to you like mad before?!), I am now officially a big fan. From an ordinary girl who's familiar with Owl City and who knows a song or two, I turned into an instant fangirl right after the concert! wooooh! :D

The concert was held at Bonifacio High Street so while waiting for the concert to start, we bought some starbucks drinks to fill in the thirst we're starting to feel. Apparently, these are the only photos I was able to take because my battery died on me. huhu. But I got to record 2 songs of Owl City! I'm keeping the videos to myself though. Sorry. Also, I seriously felt like I was watching a concert in a different country! There were so many foreigners in the audience. :)

Jen and I explored BGC a bit after the concert. We visited Fully Booked and I ended up buying 5 Seconds of Summer's "Hey, Let's Make a Band" book! I got a free poster too. :) OMG I could live in BGC you know because it has a big Fully Booked and everything's so artsy!

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