My Daily Skin Care Routine & How it Boosts My Self-esteem

Let's talk about skin...

I used to ignore my skin all the time, like I don't care if I get bumps and bruises from too much playing when I was a kid and if I get bumps and bruises from my ballet lessons. Also, the mosquitoes love me so much that I often get attacked and bitten by them, leaving red bites which eventually turn into peklat or scars. I'm also very hairy that when I shave my legs, I often cut myself. And lastly, I really hate my skin, hello pimples! So it really pulled my self-esteem down and because of my skin, I always, always felt ugly.

But because of College and because I'm growing up, I learned that I need to start taking better care of my skin. And I'm starting to be sensitive with the skin care products I use. Basically, the Philippines' weather is very bipolar, one day it's scorching hot, and then the next day it's raining cold. So my daily skin care routine copes up with the bipolar weather of my country. And so far, it's doing a good job in taking care of my skin. So without further ado, here is my daily skin care routine:

1 - Watsons' Body Lotion (or any lotion). I love applying lotion to my skin to make it soft and smooth. Available in any Watsons store.

2 - A Bonne Spa Milk Salt. This really works! It lightens my knees, underarms, and elbows, and whatever body part it needs to lighten and I have soft and smooth skin because of this. I've been a user of A Bonne Spa Milk Salt since I was 13 when my cousin made this her giveaway during her debut party. And since then, I've been using it. Apparently though, I somehow stopped using it because I was so pre-occupied with college life (Hi CFAD-College of Fine Arts and Design & uhm, well, I don't take a bath regularly because it was just a waste of my precious time. i know, i know, eww. but I survived my course. haha). So right now, I have uneven skin tone again. But I'm trusting in the magic of A Bonne Spa Milk Salt. :)

"Spa Milk Salt is a skin whitening and slimming product with Milk formula and natural spa salt benefits. It provides nourishment to your skin with Pure Milk, Dermawhite and Allantoin. It removes dirt deposits and dead skin cells from your body, giving you a new and radiant skin."

Available in Watsons, SM Supermarkets, & SM Dept. Stores.

3 - Mr. Moo's Goat's Milk Soap. I explained the magic of this soap and why I love it so much here. Available in all Mr. Moo's branches.

4 - Sebo de macho. A very, VERY effective ointment for marks and scars. I told you earlier that mosquitoes and insects love me, so I developed a love for sebo de macho. Believe me, it really, really works. If I'm not using this, my legs would be polka dots right now. Available in Mercury Drugs, SM Supermarkets, SM Dept. Stores, Watsons, and in any convenient stores! 

5 - Sunblock for my face. I don't have a specific brand for sunblock but I should put a sunblock before applying bb cream on my face. Or just sunblock then baby powder if I'm lazy.

6 - Silka Papaya Facial Cleanser. I don't use this everyday, I only use it if I feel like using it because I'm already happy with the goat's milk soap but this helps remove the dirt on my face and my neck. Silka is nice because I once used Eskinol and goodness, it hates my face. Eskinol just added more pimples and breakouts on my face. So I love Silka :) Available in Mercury Drugs, SM Supermarkets, SM Dept. Stores, Watsons, and in any convenient stores! 

For those rainy days, you can check out Oscar's blog post here to learn how to get your fix of Vitamin D with certain foods. Oscar is a tech-based health insurance company focused on making healthcare better fit your life and both Oscar Insurance and Raellarina - The Ballerina on Fire want to help inform as much people as possible regarding skin protection.


So that's just about it. That's basically the brands and products I use as of the moment.
Here's a breakdown:

What I use everyday - Watsons' body lotion, A Bonne Spa Milk Salt, & Mr. Moo's Goat's Milk Soap

What I use when I go out - Sunblock

What I use when necessary - Sebo de macho (I'll add Off Lotion & Katinko)

What I use when I feel like it (hehe) - Silka Papaya Facial Cleanser


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  1. Love it!

    I'm giving away a swimsuit of your choice on my blog! I'd be glad if you participate! =D

  2. A good daily skin care routine is essential, thank you for sharing yours! Never heard of those products before