Mr. Moo's Milk Planet Co.

"Mr. Moo's Milk Planet Co. is the marketing arm of small, local dairy cooperatives. “This business was put up more for the helping of farmers which is one of our joys,” Mike said.  passion in revolutionizing the dairy business stems from its desire to ensure that the local, dairy cooperatives it supports, will have a constant market to absorb its raw milk production. This joint effort with dairy cooperatives allows dairymen to breed cows, carabao and goats with high productivity and pedigree producing only the highest quality and best tasting milk." Read more about them here.

"Buy a liter, support a farmer"

On our way home from our Overnight Tagaytay Trip, we stopped by Mr. Moo's Milk Planet Co., the Tagaytay Cavite (along Santa Rosa Road) branch. I fell in love with the store immediately because it's so pink and because dairy products. The store is small and it's not air conditioned, and as a BS Interior Design graduate, I have big plans for this store and I know that it can be aesthetically and functionally enhanced more. But I still find Mr. Moo's Milk Planet Co.'s space beautiful.

We bought a few bottles of their fresh milk, kesong puti, and as well as their Goat's Milk Soap which does magic to my skin!

Here is a list of the products they offer:

CARABAO - fresh milk (full cream), choco milk, strawberry milk, ube milk, kesong puti sa dahon (white cheese in banana leaves popularly known as santa cruz kesong puti), cara-white cheese with rennet, marinated white cheese in tomato-garlic or basil-garlic, panacotta (milk-o-jel), pastillas (plain and flavored: cheese, ube, langka, pandan), pastillas jumbo, & yogurt (plain and flavored: strawberry, blueberry, chocolate, pineapple, mango)

COW - fresh milk (full cream, low/non fat), choco milk, plain white cheese, & cottage cheese

GOAT - fresh milk, low-fat choco milk, plain goat’s cheese, herbed cheese in olive oil (with lemon basil or pepper and oregano), ricotta cheese, marinated white cheese (in tomato-garlic or basil-garlic), feta cheese (in olive oil or brine solution), & cajetas

OTHERS - white cheese sauce (tomato-garlic / basil- garlic), wheat monay (40% carabao milk), milkshakes (made with carabao milk), soya milk, goat’s soap (unscented/ oatmeal/blackcurrant), & vermicompost

For the nutritional value of the different kinds of Fresh Milk and White cheese that Mr. Moo's Milk Planet Co. offers, you can read the information here.

The branch of Mr. Moo's Milk Planet Co. that we visited was very far from where I live so I researched on the other branches they have. Luckily, they have one in Megamall, a bit far from where I live but nearer than the Tagaytay branch.

Here is a list of their branches:

1. Silang, Cavite - +63 922 877 4084
2. Tagaytay City, Cavite (along Santa Rosa - Tagaytagy road) - +63 922 877 4085
3. Gen. Aguinaldo Hi-Way - +63 923 743 4522
4. South Supermarket - Santa Rosa - +63 923 739 4525
5. South Supermarket - Alabang - +63 923 877 4083
6. Solenad Nuvali Santa Rosa - +63 922 827 6661
7. SM Megamall , Ortigas - +63 923 610 3121
8. Terazzo Mall, Scout Rotonda, Q.C. - +63 932 886 0521

I'm not sure if they export their goat's milk soap but if you really want to buy their soap because you believed me with the magic it can do (oh my goodness I am loving my skin right now) and you live outside the Philippines, maybe you can ask them via email /


Mr. Moo's Milk Planet Co.
Email address: /


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  1. wow, products look so good quality and cute oo

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  6. Thank you for your nice blog, I was able to find another locally produce products.
    It made me want to try their goats milk and Carabao's choco milk.