Design Ideas: Floral Beddings for the Mori Girl Room

Spice up a mori girl-inspired bedroom with Bedding Sets as sweet and as beautiful as a real bed of flowers. Imagine yourself going home after a long day's hard work, very tired from the pile of work you just finished,  and you want to relax and be away from it all even just for a night, and before you repeat your daily activities the next day. 

In order for you to relax even more, why not consider jumping in in a bed of flowers through the form of Bedding Australia and relax yourself to sleep? 

As a mori girl enthusiast, I personally think that these Bedding Online are wonderful enough in a sense that I want to own them all! And I have a weird feeling that if I own one from the collection, I'd probably be hibernating in my room right now! So without further ado, here are some of my favorite bedding sets from beformal:

Best Selling Bright Magnolia with Paisley Flower Print 3D Duvet Cover Sets

With this bedding set, my inner and spiritual swan queen self is emerging! I'd love to sleep in this design because I'll feel like I'm the white swan all the way while my pointe shoes are very visible in my room.

Best Selling Debonaire 4-Piece Cotton Bedding Sets with Pink Flowers Green Leaves 

Who could resist pink? Use this bedding set in a room filled with lace covered windows and you're perfectly doing your mori girl bedroom properly.

Best Selling Charming Orange Roses Print 3D Bedding Sets 

It's lovely to feel like Alice in Wonderland in this bedding set! The big roses are making me very relaxed.

Fantastic Big Pink 3D Peony Print 4 Piece Cotton Duvet Cover/Bedding Sets

Definitely feeling the modernization of a mori girl bedroom in this bedding set!

Fantastic Pink Chinese Ink and Wash Printed 4 Piece Bedding Sets with Cotton 

This set is fierce and wonderful that if you experiment with your room and make it a black and white kind of space, you'll be like a rebellious mori girl.

Check-out the shop's other designs of bedding sets if you're interested:

Also, if you're into mori girl fashion, you can shop at and/or for fashion pieces which you can use for layering. And as for the jewelry, you can check-out born pretty for cheap yet really elegant jewelry pieces!

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