Style and Design Academy Manila Graduation Fashion Show

Last January 14, 2015, I was able to witness some of the Philippines' most finest emerging fashion designers as they showcase their designs in the Style and Design Academy Manila Graduation Fashion Show! I have a friend who has a friend who's part of this graduation fashion show and it was truly exciting to see their designs first before the public does so yay for that. :) Anyway, this post is a few months late but these designers are on the verge of being well-known so might as well check them out now.

{cover photo and this photo are from Style & Design Academy Manila}

A short clip from the show...

"Spot me" :)

Fashion shows excite me a lot especially because I get to see wonderful creations first before they are put in the market for the public. Anyway, if you want to know about the outfit I wore on this event, you can view it here.

Congratulations to the Style and Design Academy Manila fashion design graduates batch 2015! :">

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  1. Wow, this is so amazing! I want to watch a fashion show too. You're friend must be that good! <3

    Have a nice day! :)


  2. The show looks amazing! Love the clear chairs haha. manicpixiegirl

  3. amazing must have been a great experience seeing all of these talented young designers.

  4. cool! thanks for sharing!

  5. nice
    new post:

  6. I love previewing the collections of new designers. There's always something resplendent that catches your eye.


  7. What a great fashion show

  8. Love it :) On my French blog: "you can straighten your hair and eat Strawberries Tagada at the same time" :)

  9. Looks like a fun-filled event! Happy weekend, dear! xoxo

  10. Great event and beautiful collection!

  11. It is wonderful to be able to witness the design first hand before the public does! I'm glad you got to attend something that you like!

    Jo's Jumbled Jardinière

  12. How nice :) New on my French blog: "Straighten your hair while you eat strawberries tagada sweets!" :)

  13. I am happy you were able to experience this Rae, it is great to be able to see what type of fashions will be in style before they actually go out on the market xox

  14. It seems to be really cool!
    I love the world which are unknown to me :)

    see you soon!
    Sorry for my frenglish!