When my head's no longer capable of having thick hair

Self confession: I have super long mermaid hair right now. But it comes to me from time to time the fact that in the near future, I may not have thick hair anymore and I will no longer be capable of growing it out this long! I smell fear.~

So now I want to get my thoughts out because reality check, everyone will lose hair upon aging, some may lose theirs badly while there are those who will only have thinner hair. As early as today, it's just proper to know some ways to solve this problem.

Upon searching, I landed upon the term Hair replacement systems and I got curious. According to Hair Replacement Philippines, "One of the best ways to deal with this problem (hair loss) is with a covering known as a hairpiece or a hair replacement system. Don't be mistaken though, this is not your Grandfather's toupee, these systems actually look very natural. The process of using a non-surgical hair replacing system requires a covering for your head that will serve as the base material. The covering has natural and/or artificial hair bonded into it. There are a lot of options when considering this method to hide hair loss and one significant difference is the cost of a hair replacement. There are several kinds of covering used as base materials and you have the option to use a real or artificial hair." You can read more here.

Hairbro as the manufacturers of Hair Replacement Systems (formerly called ‘wig’) think from the end-user perspective. This is the secret on how you'll get a perfectly fitting, so natural looking and beautiful hair-style over your scalp, sitting comfortably at the top.

Of all the hundreds and thousands of wig shops around the world, this online shop, I must say, is one of the best out there! 

The shop offers hair replacement system and wigs that are so natural looking you'll never even know that it's not real! Quality wise, I think they are one of the best.

Because I am curly-haired and I love curls, here are some of the curly hair replacements they offer in the shop. Just look at the curls! It's lovely and it's beautiful. If I wear one of these, people won't notice that it's just a hair replacement.

And if you're lucky enough to score that perfect hair replacement you need, you might even be able to do these in them:

I love pastel hairs a lot and I think you can tell by now if you're a long time blog reader. In fact, I'm planning to give my hair a make-over even if I have to say goodbye to my long merida-like hair. 

Anyhow, when my head's no longer capable of having thick hair, i'd definitely get a hair replacement system because why not? It looks natural, it is less expensive, and it has many options.


*This is a sponsored post.

+ pastel hair photos from tumblr

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