My First Wall Mural Project

Hello dreamers! My dreams are slowly happening step by step and that's why I haven't been "really" updating here for months. I've been so busy working on my first design project (will do a separate post on that) and part of it was this wall mural!

One of the reasons why I took interior design was the hands-on part of the profession. Growing up, I enjoyed painting, arts, and just the art of doing crafts. Upon watching home makeover shows, I saw that the designers personally work on the construction of their projects, thus, as early as I was in elementary, I knew that interior design was my calling. When I entered College, I never knew that it was more than that! It was hella lots of hard work and sleepless nights, the good thing is, I had a lot of dedication and passion.

With that said, I'm adding to my work achievements this wall that pushed me to my limits! An artwork bigger than me holding memories of a lifetime for my client.

The most crucial part of the progress is measuring where the mural should be painted on the wall. This is also an interior design project so everything should be measured precisely. And then I sketched on the wall.

And the rest is history. HAHAHA. No.
The Wall Mural in progress.

Creative Shots of my work in progress. ;)
If you're following me on instagram, you're probably aware of this project.

Yaaaay. It's coming.
I did this wall mural for a day.

Adoring my work :""")

I really enjoyed working on this even though it was my first time actually painting on the wall. It turned out okay I guess. I like it! My client likes it. So I'm happy. haha.

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  1. Rae the mural turned out wonderful, I'm so happy your client loved it ♡

  2. Your wall mural looks beautiful. I knew of your interior design, ballet, other dance, poetry, and writing aspirations but didn't realise you had as much love for artwork as you do. It's nice seeing the progression of your mural as you were working on it. I love that the tree in the mural is blossoming.

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    1. wow. awwww. thank youuuuuuuu as always! your words always, always lift me up. Thank you! :)

  3. I saw a guy spray paint a similar tree in our old breakroom one time. He used a similar method. Made the breakroom hard to breath for about a day though.

    1. thanks for sharing the story adam! the only downside of being an artist is sniffing the toxic smell of the paint and chemicals. lol.

  4. Bravo to your effort. The outcome is admirable. Turning an ordinary wall into a beautiful piece of art, that's talent!

  5. Beautiful mural project!