TRANSCEND- YFC-UST Ministries Concert

One of the things that kept me super busy this February was the YFC-UST Ministries Concert entitled, Transcend! It was held at the Medicine Auditorium last Feb.6,2015, two days after my retreat at Caleruega and a week before my event

It wasn't stressful at all probably because I really wanted to dance one last time for YFC before I graduate.

I asked my partner, Ian, to take care of our members alone. Just for this event because I really want to dance. haha. I miss this kind of YFC life--- always at the backstage every event. I'll surely miss this.

I danced the doxology (opening prayer) for the concert along with 2 other ballet dancers (this is a first for me. I usually dance the doxology alone) and 2 singers from YFC-UST's Choir of Christ.

Backstage photo.
A few minutes before we went on stage!

+ + + + + + +

And here's a video of our doxology.

+ + + + + + +

Choir of Christ

On violin is my member, Hariette! woooh!~


Dance Ministry

When ballet and interpretative collide. :)
This is probably my very last dance for YFC-UST. It was fun and successful despite the fact that Ian (not my service partner. don't be confused. haha) and I practiced the night before and a few hours before performance.

+ + + + + + +

Here's a video of our performance

+ + + + + + +

Bandmates featuring YFC-UST Council 2014-2015

DEFY performing their dance for HYPE competition

We're promoting the AMB-SMS!
Okay, I have no idea why I was so happy and laughing here. hahaha :-\


The concert ended with a worship.

Yay Beato! :))) I had a member who performed with the band and two members (excluding me) who performed with DEFY.

Dati wala akong partner.
Ngayon, dalawa pa sila! hahaha.

Dinner plus kwentos with YFC-Beato. :))

*Majority of the photos are from the event's docu team. YFC-Beato photos are from Sye Clemente and Christianeil Sutian.

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  1. You are seriously doing THE coolest things!

    Have a fantastic day,

  2. Rae, I am so happy you had that dance... it might be your last one there but you will have awesome memories of it and on video too... that is wonderful xox

  3. That's so cool Rae! :) Looks so fun. Sana talaga makapunta ako sa isang org.