PIFS 2015: To Promote Filipino Talent in Furniture Show

While I was busy with my thesis practicum design project (eeep. it's my first ever real design project before graduation!), I got an invite to the Philippines International Furniture Show (PIFS) 2015. Of course I said yes even if it meant squeezing in my tight schedule and working harder (school stuff <not to mention it was my prelims week> + practicum) to be able to go to this HUGE furniture show! 

To be honest, I never really heard of PIFS before only until after I got an invite that I found out that it's a united showcase of the Philippine furniture industry that features premier names in furniture, lighting, interior design, and home decors wherein they will showcase their best and latest creations and is a one-stop-shop for international buyers, famous personalities, trade buyers and local icons for their furniture needs.

They told me that it would be the honor of the Philippine furniture and design industry if I could feature PIFS 2015 here on my blog but I believe that that's not the case. Because it was, in fact, a great honor for someone like me to have had this great opportunity to be in this 4-day event.

I was given a media badge which was valid all throughout the show. I was actually planning to visit everyday but I wasn't able to go to the 3rd day because I went supply/furniture shopping with my client for my practicum.

I must say, this event did not just fed my hungry heart, mind, and passion because I also learned how to commute! haha. :3 Because I still go to school, I missed a lot of important programs of the show! However, it was still an experience of a lifetime.

The Philippines International Furniture Show opened last March 13,2015 at SMX Convention Center, Manila. It showcased why our furniture and home accessories industries are at the forefront of global lifestyle design and can compete with the best in the world. Within the close knit circles of international interior designers and furniture manufacturers, Filipino skill and ingenuity has long been recognized. At PIFS this year, under the curatorship of our own J. Antonio Mendoza, the latest Filipino Collection of the best designs and creations from across the country, demonstrated clearly why this is the case.

The Filipino talent for creativity and performance goes far beyond the worlds of entertainment and film, and PIFS 2015 was another show to remember! Over 200 companies joined the cast of designers and manufacturers this year. 

PIFS was launched in 2014, and has the distinction of being the only event organized by the industry itself, for the industry - it is truly a showcase of the best in the country. One of the show's highlights this year is the presence of Mary McDonald and Nathan Turner of the hit TV show, Million Dollar Decorators.

The Interior Lifestyle Vignettes, presented by Anton Mendoza, the Creative Director of the show, artfully combine elements from Philippine history with contemporary furniture.

"PIFS is the Filipino Collection. It is our opportunity to show the world, and our colleagues at home, how we interpret world trends and in many cases take the lead in design innovation." -Christina Gaston, overall Event Chairman.

Hacienda Crafts.

The NOT FOR HIRE Collection of accent furniture of Hacienda Crafts is probably one of my many favorites from the show! It makes use of repurposed metal sheets from bodies of sugarcane trucks. It was designed by Stanley Ruiz.

"Negros Occidental is a sugar producing province. All throughout the year, cane trucks haul cane to the mills from the fields. These trucks are periodically being maintained by replacing their walls especially after the milling season is over. The embellishment "Not for Hire" indicates that the trucks are privately owned."

Amazing light designs and cute stuffed animals!

The Philippines International Furniture Show 2015 was a designer's haven. WOW. I could literally live here!

My favorite chair design from Obra Cebuana is this BLACK SWAN. Because you know, swan lake. hehe. The Black Swan was designed by Rene Ybanez for Obra Cebuana.

This is probably the most adorable booth in the show! Under the seaaaaa~
My mermaid dream is somehow fulfilled with this design. :">

And at PIFS 2015, I found my new favorite designer! Hello po Vito Selma. ;D Your works are amazingly wonderful!! {I have already posted this on instagram by the way}

I really enjoyed exploring PIFS 2015 almost everyday since the show started and each day I kept on discovering new things. I can't help but dream on having my very own booth at PIFS in the near future (*ahem)! I really can't wait to graduate this May and start a new chapter of adventures and journey! The real world is frightening yet it excites me a lot =)

Anyhow, may I present to you my PIFS 2015 Video Diary...
*Sorry for the low quality. :( I don't know what happened. It looked fine in my camera and then I uploaded it on youtube and then I don't know. haha. :( Just please don't watch it in full screen.
*This is my first attempt in making a video diary. I hope you guys like it though!

The Philippine International Furniture Show is organized in partnership with Cebu Furniture Industries Foundation, Inc. (CFIF), the Chamber of Furniture Industries of the Philippines (CFIP), and the Pampanga Furniture Industries of the Philippines (PFIP).

+ + +
Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post for PIFS. All thoughts and opinions shared on this entry are entirely my own. Information about the event is from PIFS.

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  1. Wow Rae, these are some pretty interesting and unique designs... I am glad you had the time to go and enjoy it... you need a little down time and fun things... it can't all be about school... I am sure your practicum will turn out amazing xox

    1. Thanks Launna! The pieces are just so amazingly beautiful. I wish to use them in my future client's homes and spaces. :))) And I really hope my practicum would turn out alright. :) Thanks again and have a blessed day! :D

  2. the furniture pieces are so interesting, i love the bamboo ones
    keep in touch

  3. Beautiful pictures. ^^
    Lovely greets Nessa

  4. Oh wow.. what a fun event! Very artistic designs.. and those chandeliers are so mesmerizing :)

    Take care always, love Christine ~ xx

  5. I see so many fantastic furniture pieces!!!! this is amazing...it must have been a great experience to be there. Thank you for sharing. I see many unique designs that really stand out.


    1. Thank you Ivana! It was really a great experience. I had so much fun and I am so inspired! :D

  6. Hello Rae, What an honour to get an invite to this furniture show. All the furniture look like pieces of art. How intriguing. I'm glad you got to see them coz you're such an arty person yourself.

    Jo's Jumbled Jardinière

    1. Hi Jo! Thank you very much! :)) It really was an honour. I had so much and and it was truly a great experience. I feel so inspired with all the beautiful furniture pieces. ;)

      Have a blessed week! Thanks again :>

  7. A furniture show? That is so cool! I wish the USA had those--it looks like it was full of interior design inspiration! I think my favorite piece is also the black swan chair--it is so beautifully put together!

    <(') hoda | joojoo azad

  8. Beautiful photos, lovely post!

  9. wicked photos - so many creative ideas! x

  10. ayyy! ang cute nung mga "not for hire" na tables! parang may inuman lang sa kanto. lol!
    and cute din nong chandelier! :)


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