5 Tips in Choosing the Perfect Cocktail Dress

Cocktail dresses are so versatile and can be used not just in many formal occasions but as alternative for ballet costumes too! Also, this type of dress is not just for late night partying and martinis because they can also be used in family brunches, art exhibits, theater watching, and so much more!

So how do you find the perfect cocktail dress? Here are some tips...

1. Know your setting. As to what I have said in the intro of this post, cocktail dresses are versatile and they can be used in many events and occasions. Thus, it is important to know your setting (i.e. the type of party you're attending, what type of art exhibit are you going to, etc.). Once you know you're setting, it will be easier for you to shop for your cocktail dress.

2. Give yourself a budget. People tend to think that when shopping for cocktail dresses, it is a must to splurge for expensive ones to get that perfect dress. However though, this is not true. You can find the perfect piece even with cheap cocktail dress. As a recessionista, I, myself, often find perfect pieces in thrift shops, closet sales, and unbranded small shops along the streets! 

3. Learn how to mix and match. More often than not, you can have one cocktail dress which you can use in different parties and events without people noticing that you have used it before. Learn how to mix and match by using statement pieces, accessories, shoes, and other apparels to give your cocktail dress a new look.

4. Accessories are your best friend. In relation to tip # 3, accessories are great way to add oomph to your outfit. Experiment, experiment, experiment! But do remember that too much can lead to disaster.

5. Choose your material and set your mind to a desired length. If you set your mind to a length, you'll easily find the perfect dress. Because shops offer thousands and thousands of designs and styles, you can easily be overwhelmed. However though, if you know what material you'd like to wear and what length you want, picking the design would be so much easier.

I hope these tips help! :) And because I really want to share and help as much as I can, I'm sharing to you my favorite collection of cheap cocktail. Here are some of my favorites from weddingshe. Do enjoy this 2015 cocktail dresses collection.

Are you in love with the shop yet?

And to top all these dresses of, I have to just share to you guys this wonderful avant garde-like cocktail dress! This Brilliant A-Line Strapless Mini/Short-Length Ruffles Homecoming Dress is a to-die-for dress! I want to get one for myself! <3

*this is a sponsored post.

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  1. the dresses on wedding she are just beautiful
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  2. I'm in love with the 2nd and 3rd cocktail dresses with trails falling behind. I think it makes the whole outfit playful and sexy.

    Jo's Jumbled Jardinière

  3. I love the white spaghetti strap dress! Super cute!

  4. great cocktail dresses:)

  5. Beautiful post, really interesting...thx for sharing!

  6. I always apply your 2nd-4th tip rae. sometimes, observation helps a lot for me to know if it's right to wear a specific dress or not :)


  7. love the dresses <3 <3


  8. Great tips! All these dresses are gorgeous!:)