Valentine's 2015 // My YFC-UST Event

This will probably be one of the most memorable Valentine's day for me to date! It's really special because this was my event for YFC-UST (Youth for Christ - University of Santo Tomas). It was a two-part event, One Direction for Feb. 13, 2015 and Heartbeat for Feb. 14, 2015.

To be honest, it was a whirlwind journey. And I, well, uhm, cried on the day/night before One Direction because I don't know, it was really stressful I guess and I was so pressured. So I guess I just broke down and I just released all the stress and negative vibes. But that aside, it was fun, wonderful, and super memorable and I hope we were able to share the Love of God to the members. :)

These happened on the first day at One Direction! It was so majestic how so many members attended this event! All our efforts and love were all so worth it! It was so fun even if I missed almost 90% of the program because I was too busy on the logistics and preparation for the surprises.

The only talk I was able to listen to was during the joint session because the event was on its last part. I was in 2nd year that time when I experienced my first AMB-SMS and it was so fun with all the surprises and everything. It was uplifting too and I feel so loved. Nonetheless, I never imagined that I would organize such event.

We (event heads) were all out for the activity despite the busy schedules and priorities (academics and practicum). But we managed. :)

Also, have I mentioned that we had a photobooth that day?!!! :-) Surprises for the day include roses and flower crowns for the girls, and rosary bracelets for the boys. And everybody received affirmation letters. :))

Heartbeat (Feb.14,2015) happened at UST Lover's lane. This day was more on being a fellowship activity filled with games, serenades, stories, and food!!! The greatest thing about this day was meeting new friends.

YFC Beato-Engg

A group photo to all those who came and attended Heartbeat! So much love in this blog entry!

I really am grateful for this event. Though it was a whirlwind journey, still, it was a really successful event and I'm just hoping that the members felt God's love and greatness. I hope we were able to touch some of them in a way I cannot explain words. :)))

From left to right: Christianeil Sutian (my service partner. woooh!), Me, Gio Romero Potestades, and Alyssa Madriaga

I'm also very grateful to work with these awesome three. I hope we were able to help each other to grow through this service. Few months more before our term ends. Let's just give our all for God. God bless you guys and God bless everyone who's reading this.

Thank you so much to all who made this event successful! Hart hart. <3

*All photos from our docu team

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  1. seems great!
    Hope you hade a lovely time!:)


  2. looks like real fun
    keep in touch

  3. Rae... I'm SO happy to hear you have this wonderful memory.. life is about making great memories xox ♡

  4. I'm glad you'll enjoyed the event

  5. Oh very cute event
    Thanks for share so cute pics


  6. it just got me thinking, you dont need to find a lover to celebrate valentine's day
    this is such a great event