The Different Types of Footwear Every Woman Should Own

Abandoning the fact that I grew up with nothing but pointe shoes (pointes), ballet flat shoes (flats), flip flops, and black school shoes (yes, I'm a bunhead and you probably know that already), it's only now that I am very interested with gaining the knowledge on the different types of footwear every woman should own. I mean, I dream of having my own walk-in closet with a huge shoe closet!

I do not intend to make you think that the enlisted types of footwear in this blog entry are the only ones you should invest on. However though, I think these are the essential ones among all the other types out there.


These are the most versatile pair of shoes you can own. They can be used for school, for work, for malling, for traveling, for shopping, for a trip to the library or cafe, for hanging out, and for any activity under the sun, you name them! You can never have too many pairs of this type of footwear because they are available in different colors, designs, and styles!

Personally, I find ballet flats to be my go-to shoes because they are so comfy!


A very classy pair of shoes which can be used not just for vintage-inspired outfits but for all types of outfit! See how I styled mine here and here


The perfect neutral shoe to wear to any event with any outfit --- from casual dresses, evening dresses, to skinny jeans and leggings!


One of the comfiest shoes you can wear to add a few inches to your height! They are great transitional shoes that will carry you from summer into fall (and if you're from my country, from dry into wet season).


Classier and more stylish than flip flops. Perfect for summer or if you're from my country, it's perfect everyday! 

ZALORA offers women's footwear in a multitude of styles but this one  is my personal favourite flats. :)


Perfect for leggings and skinny jeans. If you're from my country, the Philippines, you can wear this pair during the "ber" months when it's cooler than than the normal weather. :)


Definitely a perfect pair for travelling. Go either flat or add some height in a wedge, either way espadrilles are a definite must have in a summer shoe collection.


"These shoes are great for interviews, work affairs and generally when you just need a comfortable heel that’s not a stiletto or higher than 2 inches."


A good pair to use when you're running, exercising, playing sports, and even dancing! "Not just a pair of casual shoes but sneakers with support for your arches to prevent injuries and comfort for when you have to be on your feet for long periods of time."


Definitely a go-to pair in a tropical country like where I am from. It's amazing how its style and design evolved over the past years and I must say, flip flops now-a-days are verys tylish and can be worn in any casual outfit. Check out the cool flip-flops at ZALORA.

Let me just add up these two because they are very essential to me. hehe...

These two are my favorite shoes ever! :)
And I still haven't bought a pair of new pointes! Remember this?

Anyway, in case you're wondering where to buy online, 

**This post is inspired by the 13 types of shoes every woman's closet needs article.
**Pointe shoes, ballet flat shoes, Kerry Flats, flip flops, and daisy background photos are all not mine and they belong to their rightful owners.

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  1. I think all women need a really good pair of sneakers to run errands in... I like mine to be pretty with great colors... and a pair of flats is a must for when wearing a skirt/dress or dressy pair of pants... a couple of pair of great heels and a special pair of dressy shoes ... The great thing about today is that women can wear any type of shoe they want... anything is basically in style, I like that xox

  2. Great. I own most except for kitten heels and ballet flats. :)
    Best regards,
    Please do drop by my blog if you have some time at :) You might find it interesting. Thank you. :)