Surrepititious: Red Quinceanera Dresses

sur·rep·ti·tiousˌsərəpˈtiSHəs/ (adj). kept secret, especially because it would not be approved of.

After being so pure and dreamy in white gowns for "my" debut or quinceanera, I now present to you a more daring and braver lady on your coming-of-age . Be the "girl on fire" with this!

Ever since I saw (and no longer just read) Katniss Everdeen's red gown in the Hunger Games, I really fell in love with the girl on fire! And in order to catch everyone's attention on your special day, why not wear a sizzling red dress?

Red, the color of blood and fire, is associated with meanings of love, passion, desire, longing, lust, sexuality, romance, joy, strength, leadership, courage, vigor, willpower, danger, radiance, and determination. And if you wear a red prom dress during your special night then I bet everyone will gush over your coming-of-age party!

As I was browsing for red gowns, I stumbled upon SweetQuinceaneraDress collection of Red Quinceanera Dresses and here are my favorites from the shop:

High Neck Ball Gown Taffeta Floor-length Beading Quinceanera Dress

Ball Gown Sweetheart Tulle Floor-length Beading Quinceanera Dress

Ball Gown Sweetheart Tulle Satin Sweep Train Embroidery Quinceanera Dress

Ball Gown Sweetheart Tulle Sweep Train Beading Quinceanera Dress

I personally think that these red gowns are stunning and exquisite and are so right for the coming-of-age party. I love the details and love put into each piece.

Fast Fact: 
Quinceañera (pronounced: [kinseaˈɲeɾa]; feminine form of "fifteen-year-old"), also called fiesta de quince añosfiesta de quinceañeraquince años or simply quince, is the celebration of a girl's fifteenth birthday in parts of Latin America and elsewhere in communities of people from Latin America. This birthday is celebrated differently from any other as it marks the transition from childhood to young womanhood. (via wikipedia)

If you're interested, you can check-out SweetQuinceaneraDress on their website.

*This is a sponsored post.

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  1. Love the red dress! Sounds like a great celebration! Nice post.


  2. the red dresses are gorgeous, so loved the first one
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  3. This is really contains the information on the latest fashion of Quinceanera Dresses which is really helpful blog. Thanks for sharing the nice and attractive blog.