Road to Ola Bayle 9: On finding a gown- Red dress

Because Ola Bayle is fast approaching, I've decided to really prepare for it since this is my last year in UST (hopefully! hihi). And this preparation comes with what I would wear on the competition. I am in search for gowns that could really get the attention of people (and the judges of course) like what happened last season. Although I wore a red one, still, the possibility of me wearing another red gown is about 50 out of 100. The color red is so intense that it is so visible even to the audience in the farthest seat. And in competitions, it's important to be noticed by people especially the judges.

Thus, in my search, I stumbled upon the red cocktail dresses collection of and I'm taking their pieces as inspirations for my soon-to-be gown for Ola Bayle 9. :)

Bright Rectangle|Petite Sequin Natural Long Sleeve Red Velvet red prom dress

Product link:

Since last year, I've always wanted to wear a long sleeves gown with sexy details because I wanted to boost my confidence and avoid the thinking that there would be a "wardrobe malfunction" in the middle of the competition.

Seeing this gown, I think I've decided my mind (somehow) on the design that I'll get. Something similar to this I guess. :)

Sheath/Column Chiffon Sleeveless Floor-Length Cut-outs Apple|Pear-Shaped Sizing red cocktail dress

Product link:

The detail is very beautiful and with this gown, it will surely boost one's confidence. I really love the sexy details and I think this gown will be more beautiful if it's black.

Here are more designs with beautiful cuts and details:

Sexy Pear-Shaped Wrap Floor-Length Sleeveless One-shoulder Red red cocktail dress
Product link:

Magnificent Rectangle|Hourglass|Apple Shirring|Rhinestone Asymmetrical Sleeveless Elastic Chiffon A-Line red cocktail dress
Product link:

Apparently, I think I now know what design I desire for this year's Ola Bayle. :)

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  1. amazing red dress collection! love it! :)

  2. such a gorgeous red gown
    Keep in touch

  3. Rae, these dresses are both sexy and beautiful... it is a great stand out color... I am sure you will look great if you choose a red one xox

  4. Beautiful post, really interesting...thx for sharing!