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When it comes to prom, I like to be the dreamiest lady of the night. And one of the things to do in order to achieve this is to wear a dreamy prom dress! Aside from the design itself, one of the factors of dreamy prom dresses are the pastel colors!

If you're a long time reader, you'll know that I have a soft spot for pastels --- may it be a pastel notebook, pastel food, pastel interior design, pastel clothing, pastel whatever as long as it's pastel ,pastel, pastel! Luckily, I found discount prom 2015 at weddingshe with all these beautiful gowns and dresses in lovely pastel colors! Honestly, I was mesmerized with all the beautiful designs the shop offers. Everything is lovely with all the Discount Prom Dresses and as well as the 2015 Latest Prom Dresses 

Here are some of my favorites from the collection:

If interested, you might want to check out
for lovely, elegant, sophisticated, and majestic prom dress designs.

I also found wonderful dresses over at Asos which you can use for your prom.
Here are 2 of my favorites:

Prom is fast approaching so if you want to have that perfect prom dress yet you don't have the time to do some actual shopping, then I suggest that you visit weddingshe and go shop online. It's not as hard as you think it is. :)

Enjoy your prom! :-)

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  1. that pink lace dress is stunning! I'm a sucker for pastels too,
    can't wait for the new spring collections to arrive! ❤

  2. Wonderful selection ! Pastel dresses are very elegant :)