5 Tips for Voluminous, Healthy Hair

People often compliment me for my long, merida-like natural locks. They say it's even more beautiful than Merida's voluminous hair. And I think that my hair is my greatest asset. However though, what people don't know is that I wanted my hair to be more voluminous but I actually am scared to try to make it more voluminous in fear that it might look insanely unruly and it won't suit me since I am really thin (hello ballerina body!). And believe it or not, I strongly think that my hair is the prettiest in the morning after a long, night's sleep. :)

There are actually a lot of easy ways to give your hair a nice lift and these tips best suit those with curly hair since I am naturally curly. Here are 5 tips for voluminous, healthy hair...

 1. Do not use a comb or a brush in fixing your hair. 
 Do keep in mind that if you brush your hair, it would definitely be voluminous in a bad, bad way --- it would make it super frizzy! So fix your hair with the aid of your precious fingers. This way, the curls would be bigger and prettier.

2. Part your hair in a new spot as this offers instant volume.
Because it forces your strands in a direction they’re not used to!

3. Avoid leave-ons or oils and be careful with the hair products you use.
Try to avoid leave-ons and oils if you want a voluminous hair because they’re known for adding extra weight to hair which causes it to appear flat. Also, be careful with the hair products you use and try to experiment with what suits your hair.

4. Try hair pieces or hair extensions or human hair wigs.
For those who have short curly hair, human hair extensions is the key for long voluminous hair. Curly hair is always, always more beautiful if it's long and to be able to make it more voluminous in a very easy way, you can always play around with different lengths to pump up your hair's volume. 

Human hair wigs can give you longer, voluminous and gorgeous hair in a matter of minutes! Human hair wigs are superior to the synthetic variety because of the feel & styling versatility. Real hair wigs can be treated for the most part just like your own hair and this is a very good tool to make your hair voluminous in a very easy way.

Here are some of the human hair wigs which can add volume to your hair.

Linzi Remy Human Hair Lace Front/Mono Glueless Wig

Nova Remy Human Hair Lace Front/Mono Glueless Wig

Shilo Remy Human Hair Lace Front/Mono Glueless Wig

5. Try a vinegar rinse.
A normal wash doesn't always remove the debris from your hair that styling products leave on it. They can really weigh your hair down which can make your hair flat. An apple cider vinegar rinse can help give your hair have a fresh start, making it shiny and bouncy. Do keep in mind that excessive vinegar rinsing can harm your strands due to the acidic nature of the vinegar. Do this at least once or twice a week.

Hope you find these useful! Have fun adding volume to your hair!

{photo credits: 1, 2, 3, 4, and hairbro}

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  1. these wigs look so natural
    keep in touch

  2. Great post ! Voluminous hair is my dream.
    Kisses :)

  3. When my hair was longer, I was continually working on keeping my hair moisturized and less frizzy... Now that it is shoulder length it rarely looks unruly... I miss my long hair but I don't miss the work involved taking care of it... Your hair does look great Rae xox

    1. indeed it's true that curly hair involves TOO MUCH maintenance and work. Mine is super long thus I use a lot of conditioner and other hair products. Also, it takes me about 10 minutes or longer in combing and fixing my hair. If I don't use a conditioner, it would take so much longer. But I must say, I do love my natural locks and I like taking care of it. :)) Thank you very much Launna! Grow out your hair! hihi :3

  4. Thanks for sharing! I can't wait to give your ideas a try myself! Sounds really promising!

    Katarina x

  5. I wish my hair had a lot of volume in it. I will have to try the vinegar rinse!