Mailbox 2

It's been almost a year since I last posted about the letters and stuff I got. This has been on my "backlog" folder in my laptop for almost a year and I can't believe how I almost forgot about this! Anyhow, here is what was in my mailbox so many months ago. hehe~

A letter and a post card from my penpal.

ACEO prints which I bought from this amazing artist selling at etsy.

love the butterfly stamps.

and this gorgeous stamp too.

I have more letters here at home which I don't have the time to take photos of them yet. So do watch out for the next mailbox post! :)

I love writing letters and I love receiving them! And if you do too, let's be penpals! <3
Let me know at :D

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  1. Rae, I miss the art of actually writing a letter... I used to have such lovely penmanship... once computers became the norm ... I lost that and now I can barely read my own writing... The stamps are cute... I can see why you enjoy getting them xox

  2. Very nice. Letters are so heart felt. Thanks for sharing.

    Eye See Euphoria |

  3. There's nothing like a hand-written note:)

  4. I remember I had a penpal in my childhood. It was so exciting!


  5. I'm so sorry that my letter(s) never made it to you. :(