Christmas Time at Crosswinds

This Christmas gift shop is so wonderful I'm not sure if it's just for show or if it's open to the public to enter and shop! But I'm guessing it's just for photo-taking, unfortunately.

Crosswinds Cafe :">

 Feeling the wonderful wind while in the Crosswinds Express! ehe~

I'm a big poppin' popcorn! :)

Welcome to the circus!!

I really love this shot with my mom, aunt, and grandma!
Because I always do ballet poses when we take photos during vacations, they ended up imitating me and my poses. hahaha :'p

Happy Kid =D
I fancy the red path. :"))

Say hello to my new friend. :-)

Happy Holidays from me and the reindeers at Santa's Sleigh!~
If only Santa's Sleigh has Christmas lights like this , it would be so much cooler!

This will probably be the last Christmas post I'll publish this month. haha. I still have so many backlogs that I must publish immediately in order for me to publish this year's activities plus those incoming that must be published on time. LOL. I must learn how to manage blog posts. ugh.

Anyway, I really did enjoy the time we spent at Crosswinds in Tagaytay City. The weather/ temperature was amazing! It was cold and yes, I am wearing shorts. 

Another anyway, (hahaha), I'll be attending a graduation fashion show tonight so until then, have an awesome week dreamers!~

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  1. What a cute cafe! You all look so happy and sweet :)
    June Wants It All

  2. Lovely hair dear... Ang haba na nya very nice! And that park is amazing, hope to visit there someday. ;)
    Happy new year love!


  3. Rae, it looks like you had a really great time there... and you had lots of fun... We actually have a Christmas store here that is opened all year, funny that I have never been in it... I really should stop by it some day... xox

    Have a wonderful week <3

  4. that is the cutest shop ever, i top to visi tit one day
    keep in touch

  5. Aweeee! what a really nice place. :)
    Best regards,
    Please do drop by my blog if you have some time at :) You might find it interesting. Thank you. :)

  6. So cute what a lovely place for pictures :)

  7. gandaaaaa ng place! picture perfect scenery!

  8. OMG why have I not heard of this place before LOL I miss the Christmas season already :)
    Btw, I'm hosting a Pre-Valentines Day giveaway, 6 3D pop-out cards to be given away. Hope you check it and join --> Thanks!


  9. what a great casual outfit! your hair is amazing btw