Christmas 2014 and New Year's Eve 2015

So this is how we celebrated our Christmas 2014 and New Year's Eve 2015. It was so different from the past years. We will never ever be complete, ever, again.

Christmas was just like any other ordinary day. Except that we went to my grandma's house in Cavite. It was a sad Christmas if I have to blurt it out. We miss you so much Jejay. First Christmas without you. And more to come :(( But don't worry, we just need time. We know you're in a much better place now.

The day after Christmas, my brothers, cousins, and I went "after-Christmas shopping" like we annually do. It was fun.


New Year's Eve was both a fun and a not so happy celebration. First New Year without Jejay, our 19-year old cousin who went to heaven last September.

With my brothers and cousins.

Family Photos. :">

Bromance. Brotherly love. :))

And more photos with our grandma.

My family really love to take photos. I see this as a good thing. :")

 (a really bad shot of the firework. but i still like it because it looks like a constellation. hehe)

I actually tweeted "Nice job humans, you welcomed the new year by destroying the earth. puro usok na." Ironically, we contributed to the pollution. :-/

Happy New Year dears! Always treasure the time you're with your family, relatives, and loved ones. You'll never know when you'll be seeing someone for the last time. :"< I'm hoping that 2015 will be so much better.

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  1. Your family is the cutest! So glad you had a nice Christmas and wish you health and happiness in 2015. :)

  2. Nice pictures! Seems like a good time


  3. Such fun pics :) happy New Year!

  4. I see that you spent amazing time with friends, dear :)

  5. Rae, it was so hard for me to read this post. Thank you for your wonderful comment on mine - I completely understand how difficult and sad this Christmas must have been for you, as you say we go through similar actions. It's so heartening to see you all in these photos and it means a lot to see them and know you're sharing those moments with us. I wish you and your familt all the strength in the world, I hope you have a really great 2015 also. And I'm so happy you were with your loved ones at this time of year and I hope you can keep giving each other strnegth. It\s hard to get through these things and there's no rulebook after all - we just have each other. X