BALLET: What are The Willis in the ballet Giselle?

From the ballet "Giselle", the willis are the ghosts of women dressed in white gowns. They are the young virgins who died before their wedding day. They can be seen as the evil female spirits in the ballet play. They are led by Martha (Myrtha) who is the queen of the willis. And Giselle is among them as seen in Act 2.

{photo from Ballet Manila}

Giselle is one of my ultimate favorite classic ballet acts ever! One of the reasons, perhaps, is because it's the first ever full-act ballet that I have watched --- by this I mean watching the ballet from the audience seat, not from the backstage. :) 

Even though I was very young back then, I can vividly remember how extremely grateful and inspired I was watching the show. I constantly dream of dancing the role of Giselle. That dream still lives on by the way.

Ballet Manila's "Giselle" at first was a huge disappointment to my young ballerina heart. This was because Giselle wasn't being played by Ms. Lisa Macuja-Elizalde, whom I've been idolizing since I learned how to dance ballet, during the time I watched the said ballet production. It was Elline Damian however, a relative of my ballet teacher Ms. Vella C. Damian, who danced the role of Giselle. She was so dreamy! Flashbacks are now playing inside my head. As I have said, I was very young back then so that was the only reason of my disappointment during the time. After a while, because I was deeply into my passion, ballet, the production was truly inspiring, leaving me mesmerized and encouraged to be just like those professional ballet dancers I've seen. And I will follow my heart to fulfill God's will. :)

Anyway, back to the willis.I do adore them. I find them dreamy and very ethereal. And if I were to marry, I want my dress to be similar to these ballerina willis' Wedding Dresses. :) Or perhaps, if I'm running my own ballet school, I'd use real wedding dresses for the willis in my own ballet production of Giselle! 

Lucky enough, I found this amazing collection from dresses of bridal. Here are some of my favorites from the shop:

Sweetheart A-line Knee-length Tulle Satin Flower(s) Wedding Dresses // Bateau Ball Gown Court Train Organza Appliques Wedding Dresses

One Shoulder A-line Court Train Tulle Satin Rhinestone Wedding Dresses // V-neck A-line Floor-length Tulle Satin Sashes/Ribbons Wedding Dresses

Do you find them dreamy and lovely already? Because I do. I really love how elegant-looking these dresses are and that they are all special in their own, unique design. And I think they will be perfect for the ballerinas who'll be taking the role of the willis!

Honestly, the willis in the ballet Giselle may appear creepy for some people, but as a ballet dancer, I find them beautiful. I highly recommend you to read the synopsis of Giselle to fully understand the story and the characters, :)

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  1. I love them! especially the last two. so pretty <3

  2. Beautiful photos and lovely dresses. Thanks for sharing!

    xo Azu

  3. Rae.. I hope you get to dance Giselle ... it would be awesome for you to realize your dream. Have a lovely weekend ♡

    1. thank you so much Launna! :) Have a blessed week!~

  4. There's something very hauntingly beautiful about these ballet pictures. Souls of virgin ladies who died before their wedding sounds pitiful instead of evil. I love the wedding dresses you featured esp the toga one.

    Jo's Jumbled Jardinière

  5. I'm always fascinated by such folk tales of spirits...for me there is something so beautiful about these images...maybe the sadness behind the story of this willies makes me feel even more for them?

    lovely selection of wedding dresses!