This is the season to make wishlists.

It's weird and funny how I used to be so giddy and excited for Christmas because of the gifts and the money I'll be receiving in this yuletide season. Just alongside is the fact that I'll be spending more quality time with my family and relatives. For the past years, it's always been about that though I've always wanted to help the less fortunate and I'm even dreaming big with "adopting an orphan" for a day during Christmas day. The dream never dies down, you know, and I can't wait until I fulfill the said dream. However though, I'm not sure what I really want this Christmas (materialistically speaking) because what I really want cannot be bought by money.

To be honest, I want this Christmas to be just the same. Unfortunately, that will never happen because I will never be able to spend Christmas again with my dear cousin, Jejay. How can one celebrate such event without him? This year is the first of the many Christmases without him and how can one bare the sadness and incompleteness a once happy family experiences? I know that this Christmas will be the toughest ever for his family (and us too) and all I want to happen is for everyone to be happy (and not just the smiles we try to put to hide the sadness) despite the loss. I love him so much. Two days more and we'll be spending time together again. sana. But it will never happen. I want our family, especially his, to be happy because I know that he wants us to be. Help us Lord.

So what is really the point of this entry? I actually have no idea. My mind and my heart is sad and confused and my thoughts and words are all over the place. But, in the spirit of Christmas, as to what this title is saying, I've decided to do a wishlist because I think, somehow, these things will help me be happy. I'm seriously not materialistic anymore but these items, I'm pretty sure, will give me spectacular and memorable feelings while using them.

The first set is actually my current wishlist and not just a "Christmas Wishlist".

1. pink turntable / turntable - Ever since I was a little kid, I've always wanted to have a turntable of my own. I already have a Tchaikovsky vinyl which came all the way from the U.S. and I'm planning to buy more and start a collection. I'm always fascinated with how it works to create music. It's so lovely and dreamy and I just want to dissolve myself inside my room in the wonderful music it creates while letting my soul detach from the judgmental world.

2. instax mini hello kitty / instax mini 8 - Ever since I was a kid, I've always wanted to own a polaroid camera. Unfortunately though, it wasn't uso (trending) that time so it was difficult to own one. But thank you fujifilm for bringing it back. I want a pink one or a hello kitty instax but I bought a white instax mini 8 because the shops I went to no longer have stocks of pink instax. I have already made up my mind anyway that if I can't buy a pink instax, I must have the white one. My brother told me to just buy whatever color is available since the same kind of pictures will be produced anyway. haha!

3. robot 35mm action camera (3 lens) - This camera is so perfect for fangirling (the instax mini 8 is also perfect by the way) and it's cheap! I've always wanted to own a toy camera and seeing that this is just Php750, I've decided to order one. I was searching for instax mini 8 when I stumbled upon this film camera. It will be delivered to me next year though. I want to hone my skills in photography with this since I can't afford to buy a DSLR or SLR yet. I'll start collecting toy cameras and keep memories to the extreme.

4. sewing machine - Again, I've always wanted to own a sewing machine ever since I was a kid. My grandma taught me how to use her classic sewing machine but I already forgot how. I'm seriously into revamping my clothes and I want to take that to a whole new level and start making my own clothes. Hopefully, I'll be able to design ballet costumes too... in the near future.

5. DSLR / SLR - I  just really want this. And I think I need it; being a blogger and a future designer. I haven't decided with the brand and model yet.

6. new pair of pointes - I'm still contemplating if I should get a new brand or stick with bloch. I love bloch, to be honest, and it loves my feet too. But I want to try a new brand. I'm still not sure right now but I definitely need a new pair ASAP!

As of the moment, here are the things I really, really want. And as you can see, it's just the turntable, sewing machine, pointes, & the DSLR that I don't have. The action camera is on its way to my house. hehe. I'll probably buy the turntable next year when I finally graduate and start working. hahaha.

And for the benefit of my secret santa (*ahem). Here is my wishlist. Please, kahit ano na nandito i-gift mo please sobrang saya ko na. haha! Whoever you are, thank you in advanced and Merry Christmas! :-)

1. BEGIN. -David Archuleta (Php 430.00)

2. Forevermore - David Archuleta (Php 430.00) Sobrang okay lang din yung expanded edition kung kaya mo pa. mehehe.

3. No Matter How Far - David Archuleta -hindi ko masyadong sure if available na 'to sa Philippines pero muka naman kasi 2013 pa 'to na-release and parang may nakita na ako nito sa music stands. haha. baka same price lang 'to sa iba pa niyang albums.

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  1. yeah..wishlists are always great!! especially during Christmas!!!

  2. i want that little hello kitty camera too
    keep in touch

  3. I remember having a little record player when I was about 3

  4. I'm in desperate need of a new turntable, mine has gone bust after a decade of perfection, it's just one that I hook up to a stereo but I love the look of those all-in-one suitcase types!

    Sharon xx
    Beauty, Miscellany

    1. These turntables I found online are all modernized i guess. Still, I think the classic ones are the best! If ever I find a classic one in vintage stores, I'll definitely buy it if I have the money. lol. I hope you get a new turntable too! Merry Christmas Sharon :)

  5. I'm sorry to hear you'll be spending this Christmas without your cousin for the first time, I hope you and your family find the strength you need in each other. I'll be spending this Christmas without my best friend for the first time so I have a similar mix of dread and weirdness.

    Your wishlist is great! I REALLY want an instax, a white one preferably, it's so cute! X

    1. hello, this Christmas will be such a difficult time for us. Thank you for the concern. I really do appreciate. Anyway, I hope you'll find the strength you need too since you'll be spending Christmas w/out your best friend for the first time. It's hard but we have to find the lost happiness sooner or later and I guess it's okay to be sad today. Hopefully, we'll learn to live with it since this is life. :) God bless dear!~

      By the way, I hope you get a white instax too! :-)