The Happy List Vol. 4

Hello! I'm probably in Cavite right now or somewhere enjoying some quality time with my cousins that's why you're seeing this post which I have scheduled. Anyway, here are the things that make me incredibly happy lately:

1. I finally HAVE A PARTNER in my YFC service. I just can't explain my happiness. YFC-Beato finally has a president. I waited for 8 months since I've been called to serve YFC-CFAD which eventually became YFC-BEATO (merging the College of Fine Arts and Design and the College of Architecture). It's a really big responsibility and it was seriously difficult to serve without a partner. But now he's here and although he's not really from my college (he's from Engineering), we have big plans for Beato and I know that he loves my our college. So now, I think you can imagine my happiness. And this also explains why I used our photos from a co-council's debut photobooth for this happy list.

2. PASSING THESIS! After 6 months of no sleep, no eat, no bath, and no social life, I SURVIVED. You can view my thesis here. (I'll do a separate blog post on this soon)

3. Knowing who really, really loves you during thesis desperate times.

4. Seeing the sunrise on top of the sky. It's the most beautiful thing ever. ever.

5. Attending YFC Council's Tuning (and I have a partner!).

6. Hand-written letters from the YFC Council 2014-2015.

7. Hearing sweet and encouraging words from the YFC council. I never realized that they see me and find me like so.

8. Discovering more things I never knew that I am capable of doing.

9. Knowing that someone trusts me.

10. Unwinding after passing my thesis.

11. Realizing that I only have one more semester to go before I graduate and live my dream.

12. Realizing that Ian (my YFC service partner) and I only have less than 6 months in our term and we'll do the best we can to serve the Lord. Hello Beato!

13. Planning for our event, the AMB-SMS (Astig Maging Brother - Sarap Maging Sister) for February 2014!

14. Being so down and desperate then everything works out (not in the way you want it to be but in God's way). The sadness and heartache is extreme but the happiness is more extreme.

I've been in a whirlwind ride... the bad kind of whirlwind... for the past months. It was seriously difficult for me, losing my beloved cousin in the middle of thesis, feeling unworthy of being called to be YFC-Beato's Senior Sister, feeling pressured, and being financially broke because of thesis. I can't believe how I survived it all and how I'm still holding on. This 'Happy List' is actually lifting me up and making me stronger since I have 14 happiness in this list plus a few more unlisted. I just have to see the beauty in all the heartaches and desperation. And I hope you do the same with your life. Keep on smiling my dears :)

++ I first saw this "happy list" from Ate Camie's blog and I find it very interesting.++

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  1. Congratulations for having completed your thesis!!! And good luck for your projects!


    1. Thank you very much Rosa! Have a blessed week! ;)

  2. Congratulations on your thesis, Rae! I'm so happy for you!

    Life With Antlers

  3. Oh I´m very happy for you
    My best wishes on this new year!

    1. Thank youuu! I wish you to have a prosperous New Year! :))

  4. Rae, this list is beautiful... I'm so sorry you lost your cousin this year... that's heartbreaking :'( ...

    I pray that you will have a wonderful year ahead ♡

    1. Thanks Launna. thanks for the prayer :) Have a blessed week!~

  5. Congrats on your thesis! And it's nice to hear that you take part in church groups ;)
    Happy Holidays!

    The Flower Duet

  6. Sometimes life gives you some hard times, but you always come out stronger!
    Thanks so much for your sweet words, they made my day!

    Have a wonderful weekend,

    1. hello kati! thank you so much for your nice words. thank you!

  7. advance Happy New Year rae! may the remaining days of 2015 be so good to you! :)

    1. thank you Lavina! Advance Happy New Year to you too! :)

  8. Lovely :)

    NEW POST...

  9. Happy 2015 to you & may you have a wonderful new year, dear! Well, I'm back in action & resuming my blog hopping now. So glad to be back blogging ^_^
    Luxury Haven