The Adventures of Raellarina~

The adventures of Raellarina. In which I try to actually be visible in my paintings rather than just my dreams being paintings. 

I confess. These were done last year when I stopped studying. I was not doing anything and I was kind of just staying at home so I experimented with my paintings, photos, and with photoshop. My photoshop skills were not good back then (not that I'm good now. haha) but I like how these pieces turned out. They are so dreamy for me! And look! David Archuleta even guess appeared in my dreams. lol. (see painting/illustration 1). 

5 days to go before Christmas! I have colds and it's not even winter from where I am from. 'Tis the season to watch The Grinch and Home Alone Movie Series. heh. I love watching Christmas Movies I swear but The Grinch is seriously my ultimate favorite. haha. What's yours? :") Also, what do you think about these "experimental" paintings?

Hopefully, I'll be able to make more adventures of raellarina. haha! 

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  1. your experimental painting are so interesting to see an artist withing her own paintings:)
    and David looks cute too!

  2. Such a nice post!


  3. These are fantastic, such talent! I love the tea cups!
    The Grinch is definitely one of my all time favourite movies but nobody will watch it with me as I insist on miming along with the words :( xx


  4. Rae, I like how you want to be visible in your paintings... rather than just have your dreams in paintings... Merry Christmas to you and I hope you feel much better soon ;)