STARLIGHT: Taylor Swift's Grand Fans Day

My David Archuleta friends and I went to Taylor Swift's biggest fan-party ever last May 31, 2014 to support our friend and fellow Archuleta fan, Sarah Bapial. It was held at SM North EDSA 3F City Center. I think Taylor was about to have a concert in the Philippines when this happened.

The event was fun though I was a bit culture-shocked with the fan base. I mean, I'm a David Archuleta die-hard fangirl for 4 years now (I've been a fan for 7 years & counting but it was only in the year 2010 when I got active in this scene when David started going here) and I was shocked with all the running and the lines in this grand fans day and it wasn't just organized to be honest. Well, it was a bit chaotic, truth be told. Or perhaps the David Archuleta fan base is just really organized compared to Taylor's or any one else's? I don't know.

But anyway, we got in right away. Thanks to someone and David. ehehe~ :))

We got front row seats! lol.
 Meet my David Archuleta friends you guys! And I'm proud to say that we've been through thick and thin in fangirling and fanboying. haha!

I'm a fan of Taylor Swift but it's nothing compared to my die-hardness with David. But I'm a fan. :)

We met new friends!!! :)

A photo with Sarah before she performed.

And here she is performing. 
It's not my first time to hear her perform live (see fun fact below) but goodness gosh this girl can bring the house down and you know that she's born to perform! Also, her voice is similar to Taylor Swift (she joined Eat Bulaga's Ka voice ni idol and went as Taylor Swift). You know, when you close your eyes and listen to her sing, you'll feel the chills. And in this fans day, it was as if Taylor was there. :")

Fun Fact: Sarah was one of the singers when I danced in front of David Archuleta! We performed together for David Archuleta!~

And here are the rest of the singers.

And more photos of Sarah Bapial :))

If you're interested, you can check out these videos of Sarah performing at this grand fans day:

Check-out the crowd and spot me! :)

Photobooth! The 2nd photo was such a fail that's why we're laughing so hard and the camera caught it. haha. I love these guys so much.

Jason Pineda (JP), the one in yellow, is the creative guy behind all these photos (+ my Michael Martinez photos & other fangirling photos).

'STARLIGHT' The Taylor Swift Philippines Grand Fans Day is brought to you by the number #1 music and retail store in the Philippines, Odyssey Music and Video Odysseylive.Net and Taylor Swift Philippines

Co-presented by Keds Philippines, SkinWhite, Official Venue Partner SM City North Edsa, Media Partners Total Girl Philippines, Candy Magazine and Manila Concert Scene [OFFICIAL Fan Page], Special thanks to Swift Foods Philippines, Vitress, and MCA Music (Universal Music Philippines)

Photo Credits: Sarah Bapial and Jason Pineda

Photos taken by Jason Pineda. You can visit the following and check-out his amazing shots!

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  1. Great pictures, looks like you all a fantastic day :) xx


  2. Great photos...looks like you had fun! even if was a little chaotic!

    1. i really had fun though it was tiring and chaotic. haha! it was nice to listen to taylor swift's songs for hours.

  3. Ang saya! :)
    Best regard,
    Please do drop by my blog if you have some time at :) You might find it interesting. Thank you. :)

  4. the balloon gate is so pretty
    keep in touch

  5. Taylor Swift has always been someone I've wanted to see in concert.

  6. Amazing look!!!!!!