Lace Boot Toppers (Boot Cuffs) into Ballet Ankle Warmers Product Review

I have nothing but love for this lace boot toppers or boot cuffs courtesy of Renee Originals 1 and I just might wear them for more than ten times or so. When I first saw them on the shop, I immediately thought about warming up my feet/ankles for ballet rehearsals or ballet class. But I never imagined myself loving them as 'actual' boot toppers until I saw the photos of my feet.

As a ballerina, I'm seeing fashion pieces as ballet pieces and these boot toppers is one of those.

as ballet ankle warmers...

The boot cuffs are a bit loose, given that I have skinny ballerina legs. But I tried doing feet exercises here at home and so far so good. :) I just don't think that I can use them during extreme ballet steps such as grand jetes, pique turns, and the like.

Another amazing thing I discovered with what I can do with these cuffs is that I can actually use it as leg warmers. I can pull it up to my legs. haha. Tried doing center ballet exercises and the cuffs somehow survived on my leg. Anyhow, anything can be solved with safety pins, so yeah.

as 'actual' boot cuffs...

Just recently, I've decided to finally use these boot cuffs for their real purpose. Apparently, I'm loving how they compliment my boots from rosewholesale! Plus, they give my boots a whole new look. *wink

Now that we're experiencing colder months (reason why I really love the 'ber' months), I can wear boots more often though the temperature is still hot. Oh how I wish we also have winter. I want to experience White Christmas too.

These crocheted boot cuffs are made with love. They are easy to maintain as they are washable. You can bring them anywhere and you can even stash them on your purses, you know, just in case of a fashion emergency. They are made from 100% acrylic yarn and these boot socks are super soft. They keep their shape very nicely and they are super versatile. Anyway, if you want these toppers in a different color, you can actually get your desired color since the shop offers a choice from white, tan, charcoal grey, and beige. They have a color chart so no worries. Mine is beige.

I just loooove handmade items because there is so much effort and so much love and passion put into them.

Visit renee originals 1 on facebook, twitter, Instagram, and on their shop website.

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  1. Very cute idea :)

  2. they're so cute!
    new post in my blog

  3. thanks for sharing this. xo

  4. This is genius! I love products which come in handy and you can use for more than one purpose :D Lovely review!

  5. Lovely Pics!
    Ballet Shoes are so beautiful and special. Like it!
    xx, nissi

  6. what a lovely review! I love handmade things too, they have a special charm to them!

    I like how these boot cuffs are versatile, though as you say you cannot use them when you do some ballet figures...but at least they can warm your ankles while you're doing simple exercises and they do look very fashionable and cute worn with boots.

  7. Now that's an excellent idea!!!


  8. Such a cute blog post! I love the idea of using the ankle warmers for another purpose!
    I also used to dance ballet in many years, and I really adore those cute ballerina looks! You definitely rock it!

    Katarina x

  9. That is loooovely! :) Nice boots!