First Star in the Evening Sky

A month ago, with stars kissing me in a night full of wonders and fun, I went to my co-YFC council's debut party! My night is, if I have to put it in one word, MEMORABLE. And I shall talk about that a little later. :-) For now, let's talk about fashion, of which as a life category is not that important to many people yet I still choose to talk about it because I see it as an art; for my body is a canvass I constantly paint and re-paint.

WEARING: ballet flats c/o Zalora | dress is borrowed from my lawyer cousin | bag is a present from my Aunt | small shop blazer & necklace

This wasn't really my outfit during the party for this was just an outfit for the travelling time for it was a bit cold, yes, because...ber months, and also for the reason that flats are comfy and I feel so tall with heels and I can't walk and walk and walk with it. But I love the dress so much, oh my cinderella's fairy god mother. omg

I borrowed this wonderful dress from my lawyer cousin (and I am so proud of her!) because although I'm a dress person, it was surprising how I don't have a pastel dress where in fact, I actually do love pastels. The debutant wants us to wear pastel-colored outfits and I love that. :3

As usual, I forgot to take out my camera during the party because I was too busy having fun. Fortunately, I'm a photo-grabber. haha!

I find this photo adorable which I grabbed from Iya Villegas. harhar. Oh, the art of back-detailing a dress. :) One of the reasons why I love dresses. :")

I really wanted you guys to see my red shoes. Apparently, I don't have a photo of my whole body with it. But this almost captured it though. :/

Anyway, here's a lovely group photo of the YFC sisters with the pretty, pretty debutant, Mia.

Because we were so clingy, we took (left) a mirror shot and (right) another sisters selfie before eating.

And then selfie at the table.

We were literally owning the floor during the after party. And when I say owning, I mean we were the only ones at the dance floor. haha. 

(photo grabbed from ray(mond) argosino)

A photo of the YFC-UST Council 2014-2015 at Mia's debut party. 
Nov. 21, 2014

Trying to look elegant, and poised, and sophisticated.

Just being themselves.
So adorable these guys are. haha!

Have I clearly expressed myself that I think they're adorable? well, yeah. :)

And another photo with Mia!
I'm already wearing my flats here.

As to what I have written earlier in this entry, the night was memorable. And the main reason is because I spent it with my co-councils. Also because of what has happened before the party which I choose to not share publicly but keep it secretly written in my diary. heh.

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  1. seems like you had so much fun with your friends, that's a good thing :))

  2. seems like you all had a great time, I totaly love ur hair:)

    ( IG : @Konstantina.A )

  3. cute!

  4. Your writing and fashion taste are both wonderful. The dresses in the photos taken by Iya Villegas are beautiful, and in fact all of the dresses worn by you and your YFC sisters look beautiful. All of you look happy and pretty and I love the group photos.

    1. thank youuu so much! :) We really did enjoy the night :D Merry Christmas!~

  5. Your dress is really cute! I love the design on the back.

    Life With Antlers

  6. Looks like a fun event! I didn't know you were YFC. HAHA I plan to join an org like that soon in my place. Happy Holidays Rae!


    1. Hello Sammie! Super fun sa YFC kasi eh. And they accept you for who you are. You don't have to change :) Sana makasali ka na rin! Tiga-san ka ba? hehe :))) Happy Holidays dear!~