Cheap Prom Dresses from Dressestylist

I have already introduced Landybridal to you guys and I'm pretty sure that you are aware by now how beautiful their designs are and how wonderful their dresses are with intricate beading and cuts and all the love and care put in each piece.

And for today, I'm introducing to you their Cheap Prom Dresses. Yep, they are cheap but extremely elegant! And by the end of this blog post, I'm sure that you'll find something that you'll love more than you love food. Here are a couple of my favorites from their shop:

These "cupcake dresses" (I love calling these type of dresses as such) are so lovely especially because they are pastels. They make me feel so happy and truth be told, every time I see dresses like these, I always find myself smiling. I think they can also be called "Happy Dresses". =)

This sky blue dress is perfect for fairytale-themed parties or if you want to feel like a mystical goddess or something. Just look at the details! Just WOW.

This dress is another "cupcake dress" with a really big flower detail in front. The dress is so quirky and so playful!

I'm loving the color combination of this dress. I think that blue and purple is so lovely. With sparkles all over, this dress is so adorable and is so perfect for any occasion.

And what is prom without the classic black prom dresses? Any lady will be super gorgeous in these designs!

White is as classic as the blacks although they are not as elegant as the black dresses. However, white dresses are very dreamy.

If you want to be simple in your prom, consider theses two lovely dresses. They look simple yet the glitters can work it out for you.

*this is a sponsored post.

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