Where to buy prom dresses online?

Hello pretty ladies! So where to buy prom dresses online? If you're looking for that perfect online store which offers fabulous and wonderful prom dresses with intricate details and cuts, then Landybridal (http://www.landybridal.co.uk/) is the online shop for you! It is the most trusted prom dress online store in UK. "They offer an enhanced boutique experience online with a wide range of beautiful dresses and fancy accessories. From sweet to sophisticated prom dresses, semi-formal attire and formal wear, Dressestylist is the destination for the needs and whims of the fashion-conscious women. Putting an end to the dress code dilemmas, with their wide range of styles, you are sure to get an effortlessly stunning gown from Landybridal".

The prom dresses that they offer are all wonderful and lovely. And if you're a believer of fairy tales and such, I'm pretty sure that you'll love shopping in there because you'll feel as if the fairy god mother has given you an online wardrobe to choose what you'll wear to your prom or to that party where prince charming will choose her princess, which is you! :)

With these intricate and magnificent prom dresses, you'll surely be the center of elegance and attention in your prom party or in any parties or events you'll attend!

This short yellow prom dress is really wonderful. I think this is my most favorite among all the dresses the shop offers. I love the pastel yellow color (but I still think that if this is in pastel pink, it will be more fabulous of course! haha). And the back details is just dreamy and lovely. I seriously love dresses with sexy backs. :) Also, the fact that this dress makes me feel like I'm wearing one of my ballet costumes is a plus! Really wonderful!~

Lovely colors. I love how girly these short prom dresses are. And they glitter! :))

These two reminds me of Barbie. Pink, pink, pink! Always a lovely and sweet color and forever girly and adorable. I think these pink prom dresses are must-haves!

These bold and vibrant long prom dresses are magnificent too. You can always flaunt and feel the wind every time you walk. These dresses are like saying, "Look at me everyone! I'm fabulous!"

And of course, nothing beats the classic black dress. Love the elegance and classy these dresses offer.

So if you're looking for that perfect prom dress you want to wear on your prom or if you're looking for that special formal dress or semi-formal dress you want to wear in parties and events, then I suggest that you check-out Landybridal and shop there!

Have fun in your happy ever afters!

*this is a sponsored post.

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  1. Beautiful dresses!


  2. the dresses are gorgeous , super girly and pretty
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  3. I got a dress from this site and I lOOOOOVVVE it!