Cross the Hanging Bridge to Enter my Secret Garden

Of wood planks holding to each other,
hear my feet tapping on it louder and louder.
Of ropes supporting the passageway,
Come and cross the bridge from far away.

As the wind whispers to my ear,
I close my eyes and imagine a life ever so dear.
The softness of the curves of the ropes I see,
Invisibly and unthinkingly creates a relationship to the trees.

Happiness lies from deep within
feel it dropping down to your veins making you grin.
As you walk across the hanging bridge,
remove the void of your darkness ridge.

smell the leaves, smell the soil
feel the earth and the warm glistering foil.
inch by inch as you move closer,
you bid goodbye to sadness; it's over.

enter my secret garden with a happy heart,
whilst allowing the beautiful old walls to shut you in, restart.
open your heart for "If you look the right way,
you can see that the whole world is a garden" what can you say?


I'm finally channeling my inner self and allowing my poetic self to take over me once again after so many years of burying it down my memory lane. It's been so long since I actually wrote a poem. I'm still writing though but everything I wrote for the past years since I entered college are short, haikus, and are just prose writings but I guess this part of myself will never be "erased" as it's clearly visible in how I express myself in this blog. I just have to dig it up again and start improving. I used to poetically tweet my life moments until I entered college. But now I can do it again and catch up with myself. :)

So here I am, sharing this poem I made for these particular photos which were taken so many moons and suns ago (so many months ago) whilst I was on retreat with my blockmates at Caleruega. If you'd ask me, I'd like to spend more time in there alone so I can reflect, write, and find my inner peace. 

One more thing, please don't judge my writing poem. I honestly don't know whether it's good or bad. hehe.

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  1. what a great scenery! :D
    you look beautiful!!


  2. you wrote a lovely poem!
    the photos are really cool...I love bridges!

  3. The words fit the pictures perfectly!! Such a beautiful place!!

    Have a nice Sunday!
    Rosa - new post

  4. The words fit the pictures perfectly!! Such a beautiful place!

    Have a nice Sunday
    Rosa - new post

  5. Such a lovely bridge and scenery! Would love to have summer, too!

    Katarina x

  6. Cool photos! It must feel good to start writing again. I've found that even though I didn't enjoy writing for my school paper while I did it, I now kind of miss it. I guess it's the sense of accomplishment that comes with it or the feeling of doing something enjoyable that I miss.

  7. what a beautiful location it is
    Keep in touch

  8. If I'm not mistaken, we'll be having our retreat at Caleruega as well next year! This looks like a really calming and great place.

    Life With Antlers

  9. These photos match your beautiful poem so well. You are so talented in so many ways!


  10. You looks so sweet :-)
    xx, nissi

  11. Rae, that's such a beautiful bridge!! Such bridges really really intrigue me!! <3 And you're looking so so cute!! Love the hints of deep poetry :)

  12. I love these photos! You look amazing and the bridge looks so magical and jungly!

  13. Great poem, dear! ^_^ And I lurve your photos as well..! <3

    Mind if we follow each other through email/ gmail? Let me know ;)

    Dearest yours,
    Jong :)

  14. nice fun time

  15. Wow, that bridge is amazing! I don't think I've ever seen photos of that kind of bridge in such wonderful condition and surrounded by such pretty foliage. It looks like a magical place. I love your poetry describing the feeling! It's beautiful and very inspiring.

  16. That poem was impeccable Rae! It's always a delight reading your illustrious works. That hanging bridge is enchantingly lovely ; )


  17. Great pictures and lovely poetry! x

    The Belle Narrative

  18. This bridge looks so cool! It reminds me of Indiana Jones or something. Looks totally legit.

    xx freshfizzle

  19. I've gone over a hanging bridge once. Yours look a lot safer than the one I crossed (but the good thing in, i survived!)

    lots of lovin'