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Now that I'm in the phase of thinking about cutting my hair short, I'm guessing that Clip hair extensions will be the answer to my sadness once I miss my long mermaid hair. I am preparing myself for the worst. :-|

Anyway, as I was searching for Cheap clip in hair extensions, I stumble upon CC hair extensions which is an online human hair extensions shop. They sell various hair extensions, devoting in offering customers 100% Indian remy human hair extensions, with high quality on reasonable prices across the world. All their Hair extensions are made of 100% Human Hair without synthetic.

I think these are the best hair extensions out there because they look softer and more beautiful than my natural hair! haha. Among all the other products I've seen, this is by far the best one for me. :)

The shop offers a wide range of different hair colors, styles, and types. You will surely find your desired hair extension style in there.

I already have one clip-in hair extension here at home but I rarely use it since I have a really long hair. And because I'm on the verge of cutting my hair short (but I'll probably do it after graduation picture), I want to have more clip-in hair extensions for choices! I seriously better get one from CC Hair Extensions because the hair looks soft, strong, and it looks like it will last for a long time.

As of the moment, I am not a big fan or hair extensions (yet) but I'm starting to develop a love for them and for wigs. Especially because I know that I can experiment on the hair colors before deciding to dye my hair with colors far from the "natural" hair color spectrum such as pink, green, blue, etc.

CC Hair Extensions' clip-in hair extensions are great for those with short to mid-length hair and can't wait to have long locks! They are easy to put on and easy to remove so no hassle there. You can't even tell the difference of your real hair and the extensions!

Do check-out this video:

If you're looking for cheap yet quality-wise clip-in hair extensions, then I suggest that you visit CC Hair Extensions and shop your heart out!
Check them out via facebook and their website

*this is a sponsored post.

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  1. Beautiful!!!! Quite a good idea, love it!!!

    Rosa - new post

  2. Love the color of the first one, looks very real ; )


  3. Great post!

    Would you like to follow each other ?


    Emily from PTT

  4. wow!

  5. nice ang shade nung extension..Ano color?

    1. Golden Brown :)) Ito yung link ate em:

  6. I love clip o n extensions I got mine for really cheap :)

  7. Interesting post! I've never tried to use extensions so far, I'm not that talented as a self-made hairdresser :) My hair always looks quite messy when I try to do something "special". I'm sure that you look great either with long or with short(er) hair!

    Katarina x

    1. thank you! i'm not so good at fixing my own hair too! and i want to change that. haha. hello youtube. lol <3 have a great week katarina :)

  8. Nice post :)

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  9. although i cant stand wearing them, these looks amazing! super real! :D

    The girl with the dreamcatcer tattoo

  10. Interesting! Although I feel really really uncomfortable wearing extensions... Hehe.

  11. Perfect for the coming festive season indeed! Great sharing, dear! xoxo
    Luxury Haven