Born Pretty's Zircon Imperial Crown Long Necklace Product Review

Ever since I was a little kid, the story of Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, and all the other princesses has deeply captured my soul, inflicting that happy ever afters do exist. I've always wanted to be a princess. It's a really nice thought. And I'll be a princess having save-the-world-make-the-world-a-better-place-to-live-in kind of advocacy.

Apparently, this imperial crown necklace which was sent to me by Born Pretty is really magical. It makes me feel like entering my own castle and celebrating my own royal crowning. haha! It's seriously one magical piece of jewelry. And I love it to bits.

A close-up photo of the necklace.

Top view. :")

One of the many great things about this necklace is that it's cheap, it's only $2.99, and it looks so elegant and luxurious! I thought the gems would fall off as most jewelry's gems fall-off. But this necklace has been with me for almost a month now and the gems are surviving. :)

Born Pretty's Jewelry & Accessories offer a wide and elegant super pretty items and if you're addicted to these thingamabobs like me, you better pay them a visit and shop. You'll love it there I swear. I do. :))

And as an added bonus, you can use the code BYYT10 when you go shop at Born Pretty to get a $10 discount code! Isn't that amazing?!

P.S. Outfit post featuring this necklace coming up. :)

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  1. thats such a pretty necklace
    keep in touch

  2. Lovely necklace, thanks for sharing! <3


  3. Very cute jewelry :)

  4. Gorgeous necklace :) Lovely post..Keep In touch dear..hugs
    rampdiary / My art Blog / Beauty and fashion Blog

  5. This is so classy!
    Beautiful necklace indeed:)

  6. Rae, this is a really cute necklace for such a good price xox

  7. I love the necklace, so cute :)