Style Inspiration: Gothic Lolita & More Lolita Dresses

Gothic Lolita, according to, "is probably the style associated most with Lolita Fashion outside of Japan. Lolita Fashion is often referred to as GothLoli or EGL. While GothLoli can be a correct term it only applies to the specific Gothic subset and not Lolita fashion as a whole (see Lolita Styles for more information on the different subsets). However EGL is an abbreviation of the term Elegant Gothic Lolita, which was coined by the Japanese musician Mana to describe his specific Lolita clothing line."

Hello everyone! I'm back with my Lolita admiration in today's Style Inspiration post! These Gothic Lolita Dresses I saw in the same store I recently discovered as what I had shared in my previous post, tidebuy is definitely that one-stop online shopping haven for you especially if you're really into Lolita dress--- may it be a classic lolita dress, a cheap lolita dress, or these gothic dresses!

These black gothic lolita dresses are really elegant and if I have the guts to wear something like this in my everyday life, I'll probably own a lot of these blacks!

But then I found these classy, and so pure, and so neat white lolita dresses with intricate and delicate details you just can't help but love! I really am so in love with anything white right now. You can pair them up with anything in your closet!

But being the pinkaholic me, my list of favorites must have a pink lolita dress and so, here it is. --- the pink dresses! (i'm not even sure if my English is correct in that last phrase as I'm really sleepy right now.haha). 

And then these sweet and lovely sweet lolita dresses caught my eye! Eyecandy! <3 They are so girly and so pretty! I need them in my life. haha.

I cannot claim myself as a blue-a-holic (haha to the term i invented) but from time to time, I am in love with blue especially if it's in the shade of pastel blue and turquoise. And these blue lolita dresses are wonderful. I don't know about you but these dresses remind me of Alice in Wonderland! :)

I never knew that there were so many Lolita Fashion styles pala.  It's incredibly amazing how so many styles emerged from one fashion style. If I'm not that sleepy and I don't have thesis to finish I would search more about this. But since I am, I might as well do it some other time and if you really like the dresses I shared and want to browse more of the shop's collection, then I suggest that you go here:

Really interesting pieces awaits you! so go clickin' the link and exploooore :)))

Check-out Tidebuy on facebooktwittertumblryoutube, and on their website.

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  1. love the lolita style , gorgeous dresses
    Keep in touch

  2. Amazing pictures! My favourite is the pink with white square neckline. So pretty! xx

    Viva Epernay

  3. All of these are so cute :)

    -- Michelle | MXP STYLE

  4. I think the style is ultra cute

  5. looks fabulous!


  6. I love lolita trend! So kawaii! BTW I followed you! Please keep in touch!

    Qing's Style

  7. I wish I could visit Japan..they have amazing street style. When one of our actresses Nina was there filming a travel show (she's known for a very original/ eccentric style of dressing) she gave out a few pairs of Borosana-s (it's a kind of orthopedic shoe that is also really pretty and it was invented in Croatia) to the girls who were dressed a lot like this- and they really liked them:)

    Anyhow, great selection!

  8. Love lolita style, but it sometimes looks not good on European girls :(

  9. great inspiration!
    happy day!

    <3, Kathrin

  10. Great styles. Thanks for introducing me to something new. You rock.

    Eye See Euphoria .

  11. Lolita fashion is really cute! great selections.

  12. Nice post! Have an amazing day!

    Followed you on bloglovin, hope you can follow me back if you haven't yet. Thanks!


  13. ooooooh!!! baby doll dresses!!! nice!


  14. these dreses are sooooooo cute


  15. I LOVE all these Lolita fashions! They're so wonderfully ultra-feminine, incorporating tiered ruffles, chiffon, lace and bows. They are all GORGEOUS!

  16. Stunning selection ! Lolita style is so adorable :)

  17. they are so cute!