The Happy List Vol. 1

1. Winning 1st Runner-Up at the Ola Bayle 8 Dance Competition
2. Being called by God to be the Senior Sister of YFC-CFAD & YFC-ARKI (YFC-BEATO) for SY 2014-2015
3. Waiting for a public transport at past 12am with a friend
5. Receiving hand-written letters in the mail
6. Mailing letters to my penpals
7. Watching my favorite 90s shows
8. Pastel pink and polka dots umbrella
9. Being remembered by Michael Christian Martinez as the ballerina after a 3-minute performance last month
10. That magical feeling of being recognized by a famous Olympic figure skater.
11. My brother suggesting music for my ballet dance
12. Candle light as a means of light at home
13. my first ever job interview <3

So this is the first volume of my 'happiness'. More to come! :""> I first saw this "happy list" from Ate Camie's blog and I find it very interesting. I just have to try it especially because all these things I'm supposed to do are stressing me out so I have to constantly remind myself that I am a happy camper and list down all my happy moments, big or small. I think this is a great way to boost one's self confidence.

And the happy list is indeed a happy list. I might be doing this more often from now on. :-)
Happy week dreamers! :"D

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  1. Rae... happiness lists are great reminders when we are handling challenges... ♡

  2. Loved this post! We all need to remind ourselves of our happy moments from time to time :)

  3. Lovely! Now fight for your dreams :)
    Today new post, Glitter shoes
    Kisses from Spain, Kela

  4. Aww this is such a great idea! Congrats on the dance competition :)

    -- Michelle | MXP STYLE

  5. yay for your first ever job interview - hope it went well! xx

  6. Love this! Congrats Rae!
    BTW I love #12! Candle light in the home is very lovely and cozy!


    1. the power was out so we had no choice but to use candle light. But i really love it! Makes me think of my all-time favorite classic films! :")

  7. nice idea!! :D


  8. Awwww....this is such a great's always good to count your blessings!! <3 Congrats, dear!! :)

  9. Really cute and inspiring post!

  10. This was such a lovely post doll! :) xx

    The Belle Narrative

  11. Most things on your happy list are ballet-related. It's very apparent how much ballet makes you happy!

    A Hint of Sunlight

    1. seriously? i didn't realize that. haha! thanks for pointing it out Ile :""> have a blessed week!~

  12. Replies
    1. awww. thank you! i'm glad this list made you smile :"D

  13. Great list!