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For ten years I believed that the only way to enter Hogwarts is through a letter delivered by an owl by the time you're eleven years old. I waited... and waited... and waited. Now I'm twenty one.

Ten years of waiting had brought me to a life theory --- MY CHILDHOOD WAS MAGICAL. Undeniably fantastic! Even without the official letter, I entered Hogwarts and I had a great adventure!

This post is a bit late without a doubt is very late but it needs a special space in my blog. 2 years ago, when this blog was just starting, I began my Harry Potter Book Marathon. A mix of different emotions was emerging inside my body as I flip the pages of the books. I was up late at night reading and my nose was stuck in the books for a couple of months! After reading the last installment, I was emotional.

Then a few weeks after I finished my book marathon, I had a Harry Potter Movie Marathon! I watched for a week --- every single night while working on my school plates.

Emotions were seriously pouring in --- both in the books and in the movies. And truth be told, I cried so hard when Cedric Diggory and Dobby died. Those moments were demoralizing that they actually tore my heart. The "future scene" made me cry as well. I can't believe it's done. Seriously ended. Harry Potter is my childhood!!!

Harry Potter strongly affected my life in a good way. Remove all the spells, curses, magic, & fantasies, Harry Potter touched my life in a way that is almost beyond words. The series thought me to be strong and fight for my life. It thought me to love and value the important people around me. It thought me to do well in school. It thought me to not judge people. It thought me so much that a huge part of who I am was influenced by Harry Potter. J.K. Rowling is so amazing that I owe my world to her! Love her so much. Thank you J.K. Rowling! Thank you for introducing Hogwarts & its incredible world to me! :-)

Then many, many, many months ago (a couple of years ago)....

I'm planning to re-read the books again and do another Harry Potter book marathon. After I passed thesis that is. haha!

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Belated Happy 34th Birthday Harry Potter! :-)

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  1. i really never had interest for this harry potter stuff.. maybe i will try and see one movie

  2. Daneil Radcliffe is 25 not 34

    1. I mean, Daniel is 25 but Harry Potter is 34 this year. :))

  3. your blog is awesome
    i am your new follower (gfc) and (facebook)
    i hope you will follow back :)


  4. I think Harry Potter is a huge part of every teen's and child's life. I just watched the last movie last weekend and I seriously felt a prick in my heart I have always loved Harry Potter and it was really sad to finally part with it. I just love it! I want to re-read all the books as well to refresh my memory and watch all the movies. I just hope I get the time to do it. :)

    The Pink Lemonade Girl

    1. I hope you'll find the time to do it! :) Anyway, Harry Potter is indeed a huge part of our childhood and we grew up with it so that's just so nice! :"D JK Rowling made our childhood soooo magical! :")

  5. I seriously feel you! I still can't believe that my favorite series of all time is finished. But at least some snippets of it make us remember and let the magic live on. I am planning to do a marathon myself, both book and movie, and enjoy it with my co-Potterheads. And yes, Daniel Radcliffe will always be Harry Potter to me! :)

    Style Reader

    1. Still waiting for my Hogwarts letter though. hahaha! :) eh buti ka nga ate arra nakanood ng Potted Potter eh! Inggit ako :( haha. sana maka-watch ako this year :)))) anyway, enjoy your marathon. :)))

  6. Great books!! I didn't know that it was Harry Potter's birthday!

    Style and Paper

  7. Amazing!!!
    Would you like to follow each other?!
    Let me know!!



  8. whahhaa thats so true! i will call him harry potter XD


  9. I never got into the Harry Potter movies or books but my oldest daughter did and I am sure my youngest will catch the magic at some point too :)