Mildew and Rotten Wood

And at night I try to stay awake, to accomplish things I must do not for a school requirement but for self satisfaction. To perceive a school work as a likable hobby, in my case --- thesis, is a gift one possesses yet not capable of developing. I have developed mine but not to the extent. And to that extent I am heading.

WEARING: Vintage Skorts & socks | Top from my aunt | Belt from my cousin | DIY Floral crown | Grandma's sandals

This outfit has not been worn in public for I was just playing dress-up inside my room and so this shall be for my future outfit reference.

Comfy...comfy...comfy. This outfit is so me! And even if the heat we experience here is extreme, I shall just let my hair be this way. :-)

Birthday photos and birthday outfit soon.
And I just got home from my aunt and uncle's 25th wedding anniversary and I shall blog about it soon.

Take care everyone and keep on dreaming!~

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  1. Cute shorts! I totally thought it was a skirt at first, haha.

  2. great post and fantastic photos:)

  3. This outfit is so lovely...I like the fact there are so many vintage pieces included and also that you're wearing stuff from your family...and I do love that DIY head crown!
    I sometimes stay awake at night too...I used to call it insomnia but now I call it creative thinking:) it sounds better, doesn't it?

  4. Lovely outfit, cute flower crown ;)


  5. Rae... you look cute as always... ♡

    Planning is good but sleeping is better ;-)

  6. You have beautiful thoughts, including the thoughts you wrote down underneath the second photo. If your thesis is as beautifully written as what you write in your blog posts it will be a real treasure. I love the graphic print on your blouse. It's always nice to wear comfy outfits around the house. Your hair looks very pretty. Dreaming is wonderful.

  7. nice look :)


  8. Nice look :)

  9. swietny look! kocham tego typu hipsterskie stylizacje super!

  10. nice look
    love your skirt

  11. Hi there Rae! Thanks for dropping by at my blog. I've been having hard time making pakisama to my hair. Hehe I have curly hair pero its very thick and unruly, super volumized pa so I opted for a rebond. I love your hair. It looks so tame. I wish my curly hair is like yours na hindi buhaghag. I will post soon about my current hair care. So stay tune. Chao!

  12. Aw this outfit is cute! You should definitely wear it out in public sometime! I love styling graphic t-shirts with skirts.

    Jamie |